Iron Man 2 – 2010

Did he drop the "L"? Why does this poster call him Samuel Jackson?

The first thing I noticed is that while this is supposed to take place six months after the original Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr looks about five years older and thirty pounds lighter.  Which immediately gets explained as the suit killing Iron Man.  Kind of ironic that I was watching The Dead Zone last night (where Johnny’s powers that help people are also killing him).

Jon Favreau and Robert Downey Jr mistaking Stan Lee for Larry King made me laugh out loud (especially since only comic book geeks would even realize it since it happens so fast.

My dislike of Mickey Rourke might make this one hard to watch.  I am totally compelled to give him a bath.

Don Cheadle is great but I much prefer Terrence Howard in the role (I wonder if he’s difficult to work with/why Favreau didn’t bring him back).   Didn’t ruin the film or anything, hell it’s just fantasy, I just wish Howard was the one who put on that suit.  Also, not a fan of Scarlet Johansson.  Paltrow acts rings around her.  Seeing Adam Goldstein as the birthday party DJ was just plain sad.

Samuel L Jackson in anything will make me pay attention.  Always.

This movie was fun but I much preferred 1 to 2.

Watching the two films back to back makes me want to watch The Incredible Hulk again and gets me excited for The Avengers.

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