The Man Who Knew Too Much – 1956

Hitchcock runs hot and cold for me.  Some of his films I love, some leave me regretting putting in the time.  But I adore James Stewart and this is one of the few Stewart films that I’ve yet to see.  It was on late night and I dvr’d it and decided to watch it for today’s film.

Doris Day and James Stewart are terribly orange.  Almost Charlton Heston in Touch of Evil orange.

Good Lord I hate the song Whatever Will Be, Will Be (Que Sera, Sera). They play it on the organ at Fenway when the Red Sox lose.  I hate it.  I hate it.  I wouldn’t mind being able to sing like Doris Day, though.

I don’t know how many Doris Day movies I’ve seen but it surprises me, pleasantly, that her character is strong and intelligent as well as being beautiful and talented.  And to be totally shallow, I adore the dress she’s wearing  There isn’t much about the 50s that I’d like to bring back but this dress with the petticoat underneath is absolutely gorgeous.  I can’t believe I can’t find a good photo of it.

It’s a terrible shot but a fabulous dress.

Hey I spotted Hitchcock from the back watching the acrobats.  Small victory for me!

Ooh, fancy brown makeup that rubs right off.  Whispering what’s going on while dying in Stewart’s arms.  I’m having flashbacks of Foul Play which, I’m guessing, they very loosely based on this story.

I didn’t think there would ever be a James Stewart character that bugged me.  Ben McKenna is bugging me.  “Take a pill because I’m about to tell you our son has been kidnapped.”

Doris Day has a great speaking voice.  I really enjoy watching her.

Kidnapped kids freak me out.  I know it’s fantasy and all but ever since my niece was born (she’s nine now) this stuff wigs me out to think about. Hitchcock sure knew what material to choose.

Alfred Hitchcock would have been terribly disappointed to have to make movies in the cell phone era.  People not having easy access to telephones is half of what suspense seems to be built on back in the day.

Okay THIS is the kick ass James Stewart I was looking for.  Even if he is in the wrong place.

See, Doris Day…this gal has brains.  SHE figures out that Ambrose Chapel isn’t a man it’s a chapel.  Don’t try to drug your wife, Dr McKenna, because she’s smarter than you.

Sweet surprise shot at the church.  How Doris Day didn’t punch the lady who took her kid is beyond me.  I hope Hitchcock gives her the opportunity.

Wow.  Everyone in this  movie sucks.  Doris Day should just grab her kid and burn down the chapel.

The entire scene at the Royal Albert Hall was about as perfect a scene as I’ll ever witness.  You win, Mr. Hitchcock.

Okay, and he found a genuinely good use for the freaking Que Sera Sera song.  Bravo.

And I know there’s no way Hitchcock is letting this kid die but I’m still freaking out…

Guy tells you “don’t touch him” and you listen, James Stewart????????  If you don’t push this guy down the stairs I’ll be very disappointed.

YES!  Down the stairs!!  And shot by his own gun as the final touch!

“Sorry we’re late, but we had to go and pick up Hank.”  Once again, Mr. Hitchcock, bravo.  But, really, Doris Day for the win.  She rocked this film, from her singing, to her outfits to her having more brains and balls than her hubby.  This is definitely on the “will watch again” list.

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