A good time in spite of the score

Highlight of last night:  While waiting in line to get into Fenway with the other members of Red Sox Nation to watch BP on the Monster, I checked Twitter and read the announcement that Michael Bowden would be posing for pictures on Yawkey Way before the game.  So after BP we went to Yawkey Way and got our photos taken with him.  It was silly and totally fangirlish but I enjoyed the heck out of it and it made the night not a total disaster.

2nd highlight of last night:  Darnell McDonald tossing a ball to a kid sitting near us on the Green Monster during batting practice.  The kid didn’t call for it.  He and his dad were just really enjoying being on the Monster for batting practice when suddenly a ball appeared.  The father caught it and the two of them were yelling and celebrating and really just thrilled beyond description.  Dad called the friend who gave him the tickets, bragging on it and the boy was cradling the ball in his glove like it was a baby.   The game ended up being terrible so at least this kid has this one fabulous memory (and now he knows who Darnell McDonald is).

It’s all about what you take away from it.  Winning isn’t always the only thing that guarantees a good time.

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