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Some of my tweets from Saturday night.

At times I get self-conscious about how often I use Twitter.  Now, I’m currently out of work and spend most of my time online looking for work and applying for work, so I’m there anyway.  It isn’t my time online that I fret over, it’s how many consecutive tweets I send out in a single time period on any given day.  I don’t want to flood anyone’s Twitter feed.  I hate when people do it to me and I’ve unfollowed many people I enjoy following because I had opened up Twitter and was greeted by nothing but THEIR tweets pushing everyone else I follow out of my feed.  So I’m conscious of the fact that I shouldn’t use Twitter just to ramble on and on and on…but sometimes I forget myself.  The above tweets are examples of that.

But those tweets gave me an idea.  And here’s where I totally change gears:

I don’t want to write about Twitter.  I want to write about pitchers and catchers and how they are perceived by the fans and the media.

I didn’t choose to rename my blog “Toeing the Rubber” just because it was one of the only baseball-related phrases still available to take as a domain name.  I’m fascinated by pitchers.  There are many reasons why I often mention that I’d love to sit down and interview Kyle Snyder and one of them is to try and get an idea of the thoughts are of someone who chooses to put their body through what pitchers do.  Sure, position players play every day, but to my way of thinking, it’s the playing every day that would be easier.  Pitchers have to sit around, whether waiting for their turn in the rotation or waiting for that call to the bullpen, and they’re expected to be on top of their game every time.  They aren’t doing the same things day after day the way position players are and they don’t have 162 opportunities to prove themselves.   I genuinely can’t wrap my mind around the idea that the job of a pitcher is “easy”.

Putting aside the fact that I think Michael Kay is an asshat, I realize that a lot of people probably feel this same way.  And putting aside the fact that I absolutely can’t stand Reggie Jackson, I can honestly say that, given the choice, I would rather have had Nolan Ryan at any point in his career on my team than Reggie Jackson at any point in his career.  To me it’s a  no-brainer.

But, again, I realize to others it isn’t a no-brainer.  So what is it that I’m missing?  Do folks think pitchers have it easier than position players?  Do you think both have it equally as difficult?  Do you think this is a ridiculous question because they play a game and to describe what they do as hard or difficult is a slap in the face to people who have hard/difficult jobs?  Let me know by responding to the poll posted to the right of this entry!

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