Photo courtesy of Kelly O'Connor/ and used with permission.

Photo courtesy of Kelly O'Connor/ and used with permission.

Oh Mike, I’ll miss you:

“I’m retiring,” Lowell told the Boston Herald before Boston’s game against the Oakland Athletics. “I just don’t want to make it a song and dance because I don’t think that’s necessary, but if someone needs something official, yeah, I’m going to retire. This is going to be my last year.”

Sure we all knew this was probably coming but expecting it doesn’t bum me out any less now that he’s made it official.  People throw the word “class” around far too much in professional sports but, really, I challenge you to find a classier guy in baseball than Mike Lowell.

This season has not panned out the way anyone expected it to and oddly enough the weirdness of it all is what helped keep Mike Lowell with the team and has made it possible for him to retire in Boston instead of somewhere else.  In spite of the standings, this year has been a lot of fun and part of that was realizing that Mike Lowell was not only still with the team but getting an opportunity to try and contribute.

As all right as I’ve been with the way things have gone for the Sox this year, Mike’s coming out and announcing officially that he’s retiring has brought a bit more peace to me in regard to this season.  There are still more games to play, fellas, winning more than you lose would be a nice way to send Mike home at the end of it all.

Good luck and thank you Señor Doubles!

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