Gloomy Sunday

My email box is filled today with messages from folks saying it’s over and they’re done with the Sox (not all say both.  Some are just acknowledging that they don’t expect to see the Sox in the playoffs).  The Red Sox, thanks to their getting swept in a double-header for the first time since 2006, are now 10 games out of first place and 7.5 games out of the Wild Card.  Things look grim for the Red Sox to make the playoffs.  Doesn’t mean I’m not still interested and won’t still be watching – I am and I will – but it doesn’t hurt to be a little realistic as well.

A friend of mine Tweeted yesterday that she felt like the Red Sox losing the first game of the double-header signified the end of the season.  My response was that definitely losing Pedroia for the season was the reality slap I got.  Every beat writer in New England can write about how it doesn’t matter that the Sox lost so many to injuries this year, that they still could have won games, but I cannot believe that the team the Sox are currently fielding, if they are fortunate enough to make it to the post-season, will do much damage there.

So if there is to be no last-minute run, if the Sox are destined for third place again like they were in 2006, I’ll be all right with this.  I’ll be appreciative to have been able to see things like Daniel Nava’s and Ryan Kalish’s major league debuts (among others) and to have witnessed Mike Lowell’s possible last season in MLB.  There is a lot to look back on this season and take joy from and I have no doubt that over the next month they’ll give us a lot to be happy about as well.  If that doesn’t include going to the post-season, well, there are worse things that I could have to deal with.

I can’t help think that the lighter the bandwagon gets the easier it will be for me to get more than just single seats next year.

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