Why I still have faith

I wrote this on Twitter during ESPN’s coverage of the game when Jon Miller said that it will be tough for the Red Sox to catch the Rays or the Yankees because New York and Tampa Bay had been playing much better baseball than the Red Sox lately.  It didn’t sit right with me, so I looked it up.

Before Sunday’s games were played, the Yankees’ record in August was 13-13 and they had won six out of their last ten games.  The Rays’ record was 15-11 and they also won six out of their last ten.  The Red Sox?  15-11 and wins in six out of their last ten games.

So to say that, right now, the Rays and Yanks are playing well above the Red Sox (which is pretty much what Miller was saying) is flat-out wrong.  This season hasn’t been anything if it hasn’t been a struggle but the Red Sox are playing ball at the same level as the two teams currently above them.  It doesn’t help when you look at the standings and see how far out they are but it shouldn’t be glossed over that the Rays and Yanks are so much more superior when right now they’re all playing at similar levels.

It looks like a really tough road for the Red Sox to make it to the playoffs but it isn’t impossible.  Losing the series in Florida was tough but it doesn’t mark the end of days.  Three more games against the Rays and six more games against the Yankees alone is cause for hope.  I’m not happy with the way this weekend went but I’m not wallowing in sadness either.  Still a lot of baseball to be played before their playoff chances are dashed.

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