Shut up, Johnny (Redux)

Wrote this post on February 8, 2006 when Johnny’s ad to the Red Sox fans came out.  It is STILL the most viewed entry I’ve ever written on either the Red Sox Chick or Toeing the Rubber blogs.  The entry’s title?  “Just SHUT UP JOHNNY!!!”   Which, pretty much, says it all (and still applies).


Shut up!  SHUT UP!  God, please, just SHUT HIM UP!!!

How can we miss you if you won’t go AWAY?????

If this ad was ANYWHERE NEAR sincere, it would have been in the Boston Globe on December 22, 2005, not February 8, 2006.

Johnny seems to be pulling out all the stops to ensure that the Red Sox fans don’t boo him when he comes back to town.  And, by all accounts, it seems to be backfiring.  Every time this guy opens his mouth a member of Red Sox Nation sets another number 18 jersey on fire.  WHY DOESN’T HE GET IT?

He’s a Yankee now.  If he still wanted Red Sox fans to like him, he should have 1) signed with the freaking Red Sox or 2) signed with ANY OTHER TEAM IN MLB!

This isn’t rocket science, John.

So, please, I’m begging you.  Shut the he11 up.  For your own dignity, my sanity and the poor children of the world.  Just SHUT UP JOHNNY!

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