Getting out the negative vibes

I haven’t watched either Red Sox game this series (which seems to be a good thing) and choosing tonight’s Lee v Lackey game to start up again seems ill advised (but I will!) but as much of a bummer as it is watching this team lose, I think folks need to not lose sight of the fact that the team is patched together right now with spit and duct tape.  Hope for the best, expect the worst and just try to enjoy the games, people.  (Goodness knows that’s been near to impossible these last two days!)

Yesterday was Shoeless Joe Jackson’s birthday.  I only point this out because I had been thinking about him this week in light of George Steinbrenner’s death.  That Bud Selig let Steinbrenner back into baseball but has refused to do anything about Joe Jackson will be one of those things that will always make me despise the commissioner.  There is more proof of Steinbrenner’s wrongdoings than there is Jackson’s.  Just another example of Selig favoring the owners over the players.  It will always boggle my mind that he’s allowed to be commissioner.

Okay, enough of that.  The positivity train leaves the station now.  :)  Sending positive vibes John Lackey’s way…maybe the winning streak begins tonight?

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