Send lawyers, guns and money

…because the shit has most definitely hit the fan.


If you go to and look up the 40-man roster you’ll find this symbol next to the names of eight players:  icon_dl By Friday morning it will, most likely, be next to ten players.

Josh Beckett, Junichi Tazawa, Victor Martinez, Dustin Pedroia, Jed Lowrie, Jacoby Ellsbury, Jeremy Hermida and Mike Lowell are all on the disabled list (Tazawa and Lowrie on the 60-day, the rest on the 15-day).  Supposedly, Manny Delcarmen will be added to that list and Friday, if Dan Roche’s sources are accurate (and Rochie is one Boston sports reporter who I tend to trust implicitly), Jason Varitek will join him on the 15-day disabled list.  Add to that both Mike Cameron and JD Drew being out sporadically with various injuries, Youk and Scutaro being banged up as well as Daisuke Matsuzaka only recently coming back from the DL then watching Clay Buchholz come up lame last week..well you all already know how this has gone this season.

As an aside, the Sox traded Angel Sanchez for Kevin Cash.  Your catcher and back up catcher?  Gustavo Molina and Kevin Cash.

(Edited to add this link to an amazing timeline created by “sibpin” over at the Sons of Sam Horn that shows not only the players who have been on the DL this season, but those who have missed time for various other reasons as well.  It’s quite sobering.)

If I hear one Red Sox fan complain about where the Sox sit in the AL East, I think I might stomp them to death.

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