That was certainly fun

Make your vote count.  Vote for Longo!  Photo courtesy of Kelly O'Connor/ and used with permission.

Make your vote count. Vote for Longo! Photo courtesy of Kelly O'Connor/ and used with permission.

Stating the obvious: Winning is so much more fun than losing, isn’t it?

I mean sure John Lackey looked shaky at times…he also (with a little help from Mr. Beltre) got out of a bases loaded, no outs situation.  So there were flashed of good to go along with the frustration.  I liked his attitude during the post-game press conference where he acknowledged that he wasn’t as sharp as he should have been and then said something like “doesn’t matter now; team got the win”.  No dwelling.  I wish that upon all of our rotation.

Last night’s live chat was fun, thanks to all who attended or viewed!  The Sox are seven for seven in 2010 on live chat night…that’s six Tuesdays and a Wednesday (our first live chat this year was a Wednesday night).   I was hoping the live chats would just be a place for folks to  hang out and gab during a game but now it seems we have mojo.  Such pressure!  😉

You might have noticed that I haven’t pushed for you all to start voting for the MLB All Stars.  I keep reading how terrible it is that the Sox players aren’t in any leading spots.  Meh.  I mean this with all sincerity…let them have the time off.  I couldn’t care less about bragging rights or the freaking home field advantage, truthfully.  All I ask is that you all make sure Alex Rodriguez and Mark Teixeira don’t get voted in by going and voting for Evan Longoria and Justin Morneau, on account of my being spiteful. Robinson Cano is currently over 400,000 votes higher than Dustin Pedroia.  I won’t lie, I’m not a big Cano fan, so if folks want to push to get Pedie in…have at it.  But I won’t lose any sleep over Cano being in Anaheim this year.  Since the game is in an AL park, we’re voting for the DH too.  David Ortiz is in fourth place, behind Vlad Guerrero, Hideki Matsui and Ken Griffey Jr (sympathy votes for his last season, I’m guessing).  Behind Papi at number 5?  Pat Burrell…who signed a minor league deal with the Giants and isn’t even playing right now.  This is a good reason why All Star voting should START in June.

(As an aside, the replacement cord for my Mac showed up today so I’m slightly less cranky about my computer situation than I was yesterday!)

Daisuke on the mound tonight against Ben Sheets in what will, hopefully, be a fun and not painful outing for him.  I’ve lost count but I think this might be the good game on his “every other game is a bad game” schedule.

(Note from Cyn:  I edited out the Celtics stuff!  I’m so out of touch  that I wrote an entry talking about Tuesday chat night and thought today was Thursday.  Ugh.)

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