They’ll eventually win another one against the Yankees, right?

Just win, Crabby.  Just win.  (Photo courtesy of Kelly O'Connor/ and used with permission)

Just win, Crabby. Just win. (Photo courtesy of Kelly O'Connor/ and used with permission)

I was going to write about how my Yankees troll was up at 3:30 this morning sending me comments wondering how I should be a fan of such an awful team (Lou’s comments always go right to spam) and how only a Yankee fan or a general bandwagoner would ask such a thing (and about how odd it is that you would be up that early and use that time to try and taunt someone who is a fan of the team that lost to your team that is producing like gangbusters right now).

Instead, I read this on Twitter and want to find someone (or sometwo)and slap them across the face (and it isn’t Papi):

RT @ericlessard: Um, yea. This is how you improve? RT @universalhub David Ortiz had a good time yesterday

I’m not sure which comment I find more stupid, the “this is how you improve?” or the one at the link to the photos of Papi from last night that reads: “David Ortiz had himself a good evening at Revolution Rock Bar tonight. Rumor has it Papelbon was there too…I have nothing positive to say there.”

Okay, maybe that second person doesn’t like Revolution Rock Bar or she doesn’t think it’s cool to hang out with Jonathan Papelbon?  Somehow I don’t think either of those were the point trying to be made.  David Ortiz, the night after a long ass and lousy game (that he didn’t participate in) and the night before an 8pm game, had the unmitigated gall to go out with his wife (she’s in one of the pictures) and ENJOY himself?  Who does he think he is??

I’m encouraged that most of the responses I’ve seen have only been negative toward the idea that Papi shouldn’t be allowed a good time.  (One person responded to me with a picture of her and her friends with Papi from last night…so it isn’t like Ortiz was trying to hide.)   The person on Twitter with the photo of her and Papi could have plastered it everywhere first thing this morning crying about how he was “partying” but she didn’t because she, apparently, has a soul.  In this world of instant technology where everyone and their mother (see I worked Mother’s Day in here?) has a blog or a Twitter account so many people want to be TMZ or the POS Paris Hilton.  It’s lazy and it’s stupid.

How often between February and October do you think David Ortiz’ wife gets to go for a night out with her husband?  How often do ANY of the players get a Saturday night where they know they won’t have to be up in the morning to get to the park?  Just because the team isn’t playing well doesn’t mean these guys have to go into hiding.  No one is in a batting cage at 10 o’clock at night on a Saturday.

As a fan, you want them to give their all when they hit the field and for whatever ridiculous reasons people have many assume if a team is struggling it’s because they aren’t giving it their all.  So Papi showing up at a club on a Saturday night is suddenly a bad thing because he’s doing poorly this year.  No, no it isn’t.  The fact that he showed his face publicly at a bar in Boston, actually, was pretty damn brave of him considering how Boston fans have been treating him this year.  Even players who are hitting below .200 deserve to blow off some steam.

These last two games have sucked, no two ways about it.  Even so, Yankees troll, I will never stop supporting my team and I’ll always be optimistic that THIS is the day they turn it around.  And, people who want to pretend the players lock themselves up at night and have absolutely no semblance of a social life, back off.  If ANYONE deserves to relax and take a deep breath after these last two games, it’s the players.

Lester on the mound tonight against Burnett for the final game of the series.  Something has to give soon so why can’t it be tonight?

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