You’ve got to hang loose to keep from the noose

He's back tonight!  (Photo taken by me in 2005)

He's back tonight! (Photo taken by me in 2005)

Ah, Timmy, you deserved better.  Hell, we all did.

Long time readers of this blog probably know what I’m about to write next: Good that we get the suck out early.

Most days, before I write my entry, I check out a handful of other Red Sox blogs to make sure I’m not writing anything similar to what they are.  On days like today, I usually don’t need to do that.  Which is fine.  I totally understand people getting frustrated with the Sox beginning the year 1-3.  No one wants to see them tied with the Orioles for last place (which, in case you haven’t looked, they are right now).  No one can be happy about the bullpen struggling or our starters (save for Lackey and Wake) struggling as well.

But as corny as it sounds, I have a really difficult time getting tied up in knots over a bad first week of baseball.  In 2006, a year in which the Sox didn’t even make it to the playoffs, they started the season in their first two series at 5-1.  That first week of baseball the Sox only lost one game.  Ended up meaning nothing, right?  So, no, I’m not all that ready to give too much credence to the Sox beginning the year with a losing record.

Today the PawSox play a single-admission doubleheader against the Rochester Red Wings (Triple A affiliate of the Minnesota Twins).  I won’t be there but I know a couple of folks who plan on making the games!  If you’re interested, Daisuke Matsuzaka is the starting pitcher for the PawSox at 1:05pm and you can listen to the game here.  Follow their pitching, folks, we might be needing their help soon!

Sox take on the Royals again at 7:10 ET tonight.  Beckett v Greinke and according to the Sox, Varitek will be behind the plate for the first time this season (given I’m having a hard time thinking Victor needs a “rest” this soon, I wonder if this is any indication Beckett really does want to pitch to Tek?).  Hopefully this one will definitely be worth staying up for!

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