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Wake doesn't want to tell us his favorite song (screen grabbed by me)

Wake doesn't want to tell us his favorite song (screen grabbed by me)

Watching “The Red Sox Report” on NESN tonight makes me think they might be doing something new on the scoreboard this season at Fenway.

They showed outtakes from “Picture Day” and some of the outtakes included the players and coaches having to give answers on camera by saying things like “My favorite food is…” and “My favorite movie is…”.  I’m wondering if this means they’re going to take a page out of the books of other teams and maybe do in-game quizzes and such on the scoreboard.

I really hope this is the plan.  I’ve seen them do this a few times with the Orioles and it gives you a brief glimpse of the personalities of the players (and coaches) and is just a fun way to spend a moment between innings (or pitching changes or whatever else delays the game).

More than anything, I don’t want to see hot dog races or some stupid character thing up on that board but anything that involves the players is something I think a lot of the fans could get behind.

So remember Red Sox, character races bad, player profiles and trivia good!

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