Here I&#39m, standing such a fool

Photo courtesy of Kelly O'Connor/ and used with permission

Photo courtesy of Kelly O'Connor/ and used with permission

So yesterday, Mark Wagner, once again, brings the Sox back from the dead and helps propel them to a come from behind win.  Initially I was disappointed that I couldn’t watch Remy and Orsillo call the game but it was worth sitting through the cockiness coming from Gary Thorne and his partner throughout the game (visible on to hear the defeat in their voices when the Sox came back to win it.  I don’t remember his partner’s name (it wasn’t Jim Palmer…was it?  Am I so unfamiliar with Palmer’s voice that it escaped me that it was him?) but once he said early on that the Red Sox had been “trying to get rid of Tim Wakefield for years” I desperately wanted the Red Sox to pound the Orioles into submission.  Not the most rational thought to have during a Spring Training game but there you have it.  I’ve never claimed to be the most rational fan.

This afternoon the Cardinals head to Ft Myers for a 1:05 game and we get Josh Beckett and the promise of Jonathan Papelbon on the mound at some point.  Of course,  unless you’re sitting in the City of Palms Park, you won’t be able to see this given it isn’t on NESN, MLBN, nor carried on the radio/Gameday Audio.  But there is always this, we can “follow live” on’s scoreboard.  So there’s that.

And, hey, look at this:  The New York Mets signed Kyle Snyder to a minor league contract!  Those Bisons/PawSox tickets weren’t purchased in vain after all!

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