How can I feel good when nothing’s right?


This is going to make a great story when the Red Sox win the World Series, right?

Man oh man.  I joked during the chat last night that it would be twisted but funny if the Red Sox didn’t win another game in the regular season and the Rangers won one more.  I’m not so sure the Rangers will think it’s as funny as I do, though.  (The Rangers, incidentally, lost again last night.)

Well, at least the Sox made history last night when Dusty Brown became the first Red Sox catcher to pitch in a game.  It’s been a long, strange season.

I actually watched the post-game show on NESN last night.  Something I don’t usually do if the team loses.  I guess I’m just in a better mood since they’re in the playoffs so I got to see Dennis Eckersley seem genuinely pissed that Wakefield was in there while Tom Caron defended the decision.  I’m on the side of TC here – we needed to see what Wake could or couldn’t do on the field in order to deal with the playoff roster.  As much as I’m looking forward to the playoffs, I’m not looking forward to who will be left off that roster.  (Only real light moment of the night was when a reporter called Tito “Theo” as she asked her question and he sternly pointed out that he was “Tito”.  Sadly, that reporter wasn’t Heidi Watney.)

I’ll be at the game tonight.  The way things are going I’m probably going to see Jason Varitek playing left field.  Should be an interesting night.  It’ll be nice to see Justin Masterson  (who pitched a complete game last night but still lost 1-0 in Cleveland) at least.

Elsewhere in MLB, Bronson Arroyo got his 15th (and final) win of the season last night.  After struggling with carpal tunnel he got a cortisone shot and  pitched damn fine in the second half this year – which means either the Reds will want to keep him around or he just made himself attractive trade bait.  Incidentally, John Smoltz was Bronson’s opposing pitcher and he only went four innings.  Warms the cockles.

I’ll be at two (tonight and Sunday) of the last four games of the regular season.  I don’t want to sound greedy, but at least one win would be nice, fellas!

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