I can’t believe it’s happening to me

Wake yesterday in St. Louis. I don’t usually use photos from other sites but today I’m making an exception. Photo taken by Jamie Squire/Getty Images.

Family obligations have made the live-blogging decision for me: I won’t be able to live blog the ASG tonight. Doesn’t mean I won’t be watching most of it though and hoping Wake gets in and does some damage (to the NL not the AL!).

I’m still fielding emails from folks “disgusted”, “annoyed” and “not surprised because you’re such a homer” that I’m not complaining about Wake being chosen for the All Star team. Get over it, people. Joe Maddon chose him, it seems like all of baseball is happy he’s there and the game is tonight – the time for bitching about it is over.

Besides, I maintain that, all things considered, it was a good choice. He might not be the best pitcher in MLB but he sure as heck is having a good season. And if writers can consider wins when voting for the Cy Young award why can’t they be considered when choosing an All Star? Tim Wakefield is exactly the kind of player/person that MLB should go out of their way to highlight. I say let the man have his moment and hush up naysayers.

I leave you with various quotes about Mr. Wakefield. Courtesy of Adam Kilgore and Amalie Benjamin:

Wakefield doesn’t talk about it much, but he made 31 community appearances last year, more than any Red Sox player. In 1998, he began the Wakefield Warriors program. Every Tuesday, children from the Franciscan Hospital for Children watch batting practice with Wakefield; the hospital gave Wakefield its Community Leadership Award in 2003.

Tomorrow night, [Charlie] Hough plans on watching his friend stand on a baseline in St. Louis and tip his cap. Wakefield is the first knuckleballing All-Star since Hough made the team in 1986. Until someone asked him to do a radio interview early last week, Hough didn’t know that. “There just haven’t been many lately,’’ Hough said. “I guess it shows you how hard it is.’’

“He’s got the video camera out, really soaking it up,’’ [Jason] Bay added. “I mean, is there a better story than that so far? He’s got 15 years in the big leagues or something like that [17], and then makes an All-Star team, something he probably thought would never happen. He’s got a little different perspective than some other guys do. Couldn’t be happier for him.”

“It’s great,’’ Beckett said. “Just noticing his kids yesterday on the plane. He has kids that are old enough to understand where they’re going and what they’re doing. His whole family is excited. It’s really awesome.’’

I can’t think of anyone not rooting for Tim Wakefield tonight. Hope he has a great game, a lot of fun and he helps bring the AL the win!

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