The eagle inside belongs to us

I was (AM) much more cranky about last night’s loss than I expected I’d be. So I hope no one came here hoping for me to recap the game because it isn’t happening.

I’m happy that today’s game is at 1:05pm…gives us not a lot of time to dwell on losing in extra innings. And I’m still hopeful that the team pulls out two out of three and that we found out on Sunday that Tim Wakefield has been chosen for the AL All Star team. I’m all about the hope today!

I’ll be spending the day with family. Watching the game, enjoying many different grilled meats and homemade potato salad and then avoiding anything remotely connected to explosives. All the while, Brad Penny will be doing his best to uncranky me against Garrett Olson. I have confidence that he can do it well.

I hope you all get to enjoy today the way you want – and that you are able to do it safely. Happy Independence Day, folks!

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