Sing me no sad elegy

Wake in a photo I took at a Hot Stove, Cool Music concert a few years back.

It’s 11am on Friday, July 3rd and I’ve been hearing (and seeing from my window) fireworks since Tuesday. If I’m being realistic, probably since last week. I’m happy to be an American too but you don’t see me blowing up stuff to show it.

And that’s all I say about my feelings on fireworks. 🙂

I’m really looking forward to the series with the Mariners. Wake, Penny and Lester make me hopeful for at least two out of three. Although I’ll be at Fenway on Sunday with a group of rowdies in right field, tonight’s game is really the one I’m most anticipating. Tim Wakefield makes his 16th start of the season; he’s going for his 11th win this year and when he steps on that mound he’ll become the Red Sox team leader in appearances by a starter, passing Roger Clemens with 383.

Let’s talk more about Wake.

There is a five-player tie for first place for most wins in MLB (not just the AL) and Tim is one of the five (along with Zack Greinke (Royals), Roy Halladay (Blue Jays), Jason Marquis (Rockies) and Kevin Slowey (Twins). (As an aside, why do the stats on still include the late Nick Adenhart?) He has pitched two complete games, he’s struck ou t50, he’s given up 12 runs in the last 31 innings he’s pitched and at Fenway he’s 5-0. His last start, in Atlanta, was stellar. Six innings of scoreless ball with only one walk and three hits. With 174 wins and 148 losses with the Red Sox, 18 more wins will tie him for the most wins by a Red Sox starter, along with Roger Clemens and Cy Young. 19 more wins gives the record to him alone.

On Sunday we’ll all find out who made it to the All Star team. If Wake pitches like he has been and gets the win tonight that (coupled with the League adding an extra pitcher to each team) really might put him on Joe Maddon’s list for St. Louis.

The obstacles? Well, Wake’s record against Seattle is nothing to brag about. Career-wise he’s 4-9 against the Mariners with a 4.06 era. But this is a new year. A new season. Tim Wakefield’s season. And he won’t let past statistics (or Felix Hernandez!) stand in his way.

My dislike of exploding symbols of patriotism aside, I enjoy the Fourth of July. I like the Pops and I enjoy many things Americana so I hope you all get to enjoy the holiday weekend as much as I plan to enjoy it!

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