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Speaking as someone who sat in Fenway Park last night until just after 9:30pm…that game never should have been started. And if they HAD to start it, it should have NOT been continued into the fifth inning. The conditions were ridiculous. It’s damn lousy to see your team lose a rain-shortened game by a score of 2-1. A lot could have happened in four more innings – or on a day when the weather wasn’t so awful. Shame on the Red Sox (who get the call before the game starts) and the umps (who could have called it much sooner than the top of the 6th) for really bad and/or greedy decision-making. No wonder the players are pissed. (I guess I got my revenge by 1. Not buying anything at Fenway last night – hell I didn’t even get into my seat until Lester had already thrown a dozen pitches and 2. leaving before the rain delay was an hour old.) As I wrote in comments, the players need to share that anger with not only MLB or the umps but their own team. Sox organization looks greedy and stupid today because it cost their team the game.

The night after the fans gave them 500 consecutive sold out games, the Red Sox reward them by making them sit in that crap and watch their team lose a 5-inning game by one run because they were too greedy to call the game before it started. Mssrs Henry, Lucchino and Werner, way to show your fanbase and your players that you appreciate them.

Can’t think of a time when I was more disappointed with the front office than last night.

And to add insult to injury, NESN is actually replaying the shitstorm of a game as I type this. Up yours, NESN.

The only good part of the night, baseball-wise, was the Yankees losing their series to the Nats (in another game that really shouldn’t have been played). So the Sox didn’t lose a step in the standings for now – I guess that should make me pleased.

I have a ticket to tonight’s game. I honestly don’t plan on going if the weather is crappy. Can’t remember another time when I’ve made that decision but I’m in no mood today to give the Sox any more of my money (for food and drinks) after last night.

I hate writing such a cranky entry so I’m sure I’ll be back in a while with something less so. But this morning I’m not feeling inclined to write nice things about the organization.

I’m not the only one who is crabby. Witness Mr. Mike Lowell:


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