So don’t work your stuff

Jacoby keeping his hitting streak alive at 21 was the high spot for the night – and it happened in the first inning. (NESN screen grab)

I missed baseball yesterday. All of it. In the process I missed most of the American League East suck eggs. Which, in some cases, was good and in other cases kind of bums me out.

So my theory about Lester doing well when I don’t pay attention gets thrown out the window. Oh well. From what I can tell he was doing fine until he got himself into a little trouble and then he kind of caved. This feels like a growing pattern. When Jason Varitek keeps telling us that Lester is “young” and has some “maturing” to do I think we should be listening. I know I have been.

I greeted the morning by reading email. One message came from a Yankees fan who used to comment on my blog back when I was on MLBlogs. (A brief digression: MLBlogs tries to cultivate a community of bloggers, regardless of team affiliation. This resulted in my being criticized from different areas for, essentially, not being nice to the opposing teams fans by writing digs about their team – almost exclusively the complaints came in regard to anything I wrote about the Yankees. Back at MLBlogs I received more comments on my blog from Yankees fans than even Red Sox fans. Not surprisingly, most of them didn’t follow me when I left.) The gist of the message was to rub it in that Lester lost again and to REALLY rub it in about David Ortiz. This fan reasoned that Papi’s troubles come from his no longer taking PEDs. This same fan also mentioned how Alex Rodriguez hasn’t missed a beat since returning to the Yankees. Now maybe it’s just me but if you’re going to accuse someone who has never been proven (or officially accused) of using PEDs and in the same paragraph you sing the praises of someone who has admitted to using them, you might have a few issues of your own. True story, I tried to email this person back and my message bounced back. So I’ll say here what I was going to say in email. If we’re following your logic and Papi’s dramatic struggles are a result of his no longer using PEDs, wouldn’t that mean that you should attribute A*Rod’s outburst of productivity since returning to his still using PEDs? Makes sense to me. 🙂

Due to circumstances slightly out of my control (read: falling asleep after plying myself with NyQuil) there won’t be a live blog tonight. (This whole “my being home on Wednesdays and the Sox playing day games on Thursdays” stinks. I’d love to be live blogging in the afternoon!) Depending on how I’m feeling, I’m looking at possibly live blogging either the Friday night or Saturday afternoon game. We’ll see how my plans go.

The Baltimore Orioles are in last place but were the only AL East team to pull out a win yesterday. As of right now, the Red Sox are still a game up on the Yankees and in first place. It isn’t much but I’ll take it.

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