Once again I see the sunshine

Seen at Fenway on April 25, 2009. Photo taken by Kelly O’Connor/sittingstill.net.

A dozen runs in the sixth inning. It was a wonderful way to punctuate the day. Jason Bay being such a big part of it was sweet as well. I would have certainly preferred a sweep but I’ll take a split. Wake pitched well and the offense came out in full-force last night. It didn’t stink to be a Sox fan on Thursday.

I’ve started four different entries about Manny and just can’t muster up enough emotion to write in-depth about it. I’m sad that yet another superstar has, basically, shown everyone that they believe the only way to succeed is to cheat and I’m mad that Manny has now given people a reason to question the 2004 and 2007 World Championships.

Here’s my bottom line about PEDs: For all the players who use, there are players who don’t. But if younger players who don’t use see a Manny Ramirez and an Alex Rodriguez using and see all the success they have, what’s to stop them from using? (“A 50-game suspension and then I get to come back like nothing happened? I can swing that!”) What’s to stop them from doing something to their body they might not have done on their own that could cause them harm? Why should a player who plays clean have to compete with one who doesn’t? That’s why PEDs piss me off so much. These guys should be competing with each other based on their talent, not based on who has the better chemist on speed dial.

So I’m both pissed and sad about Manny. (Not to mention being pissed that Jose Canseco, once again, is vindicated.) And unless something else earth-shattering comes out, I probably won’t be writing about this again.

Over the last two weeks, I’ve purchased two Red Sox jerseys. A Kevin Youkilis jersey and a 2007, game-worn, Kyle Snyder road jersey. Two jerseys I’m fairly certain I can wear with pride.

There are two issues hitting Red Sox fans that are much more worthy of our attention: Jerry Remy’s recovery from lung cancer surgery and the death of beloved Red Sox legend, Dom DiMaggio. I’d rather focus my energies on sending positive vibes to Jerry and remembering how much Dom means to our fanbase than focusing on the likes of Manny Ramirez any longer.

I’ll be at tonight’s Red Sox game. The fates have conspired to place me at a Brad Penny start. This should be a wonderful test of my patience and my ability to show support to a player that usually makes me bang my head. I’m hoping for a no-hitter for Penny but I’ll be happy with his getting through six innings without getting crushed. Make it so, Brad, make it so.

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