Without you, there’d be no sun in my sky

Hell no! He won’t go! I only wish I was able to take a better picture than this one of Nick Green last Friday night.

No wackiness, no controversy, no egos. We just have the likes of Tim Wakefield (he of the 1.86 ERA and 0.97 WHIP) and Jason Bay (with his .344 AVG and .506 OBP) helping lead this team to (thus far) eleven straight wins. I can live very happily with that.

I also can live happily with a Big Papi who gets at least a hit in every game. I’m not waiting on his first home run, it’ll come soon enough, as long as he’s hitting I’m convinced it will all fall back into place for him. Little Manny Delcarmen as the most reliable arm in the bullpen? That seems to be working well.

And how about a third baseman who so many had as “washed up” being the American League player of the week? Yeah, that works for me too. I could live without a closer who gives up runs in the ninth and makes every end of the game interesting, but there’s plenty of time to work on that.

Brad Penny is on the mound tonight against Anthony Reyes. I had a brain cramp last night and honestly forgot, for a moment, that Penny was in the rotation. I’m hopeful that his performance tonight will be sure to make me remember him from here out (and for good reasons!).

Oh and Tito? I could totally live with Julio Lugo riding the pine until we know for sure he’s 100%.


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