I’ll be all in clover

Decided to take a “day off” today and not write in honor of the holiday and it occurs to me that I should, at the very least, give a shout out to Brad Penny. I doubted him and he gave me the finger. This pleases me greatly. Penny wasn’t exactly lights out but he impressed me. Hey he’s the five starter, his outing was more than acceptable. And he did what the team needed him to do. Dig him, being the stopper.

Along with celebrating the day with my family, there’s plenty of baseball to be had:

At 1:05pm, Clay Buchholz gets his first start of the season with the 3-0 Pawtucket Red Sox (this all would make me happier had the 3 not come against Kyle Snyder’s Buffalo Bisons). There’s a decent shot of Kyle getting in today’s game so there’s that to look forward to along with Clay’s start. I’m hoping he (Clay) does well as I’m pulling for him to get up to Boston at some point this year. It goes without saying that, while I want Clay to do well I also want Kyle, if he gets in the game, to kick butt. I can’t wait until this series is over and I can root for the Bisons without rooting against the PawSox!

At 2:10pm, Joba Chamberlain gets his first start of the season against Gil Meche. Here’s hoping Meche AND KC show up to play.

At 3:35pm, the main event. Beckett goes for his second win. I have much faith in th 2009 version of Josh Beckett. It might be tough to work seeing this game around Easter dinner, but I have faith that the Donnellys will see it even if it means bringing the ham to the television. (To finish off baseball tonight is an 8:05pm Cubs/Brewers game!)

One other note about Saturday’s game (while ignoring the angst-inducing appearance of Mr. Papelbon): Jason Bay IS a bad ass. That is all.

Hope everyone who celebrates has a wonderful Easter (and the rest of you a great day!).

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