Happiness is just outside my window

Kyle Snyder today pitching against the Marlins in the 9th inning – screengrabbed by me.

Here’s a comment someone left today on a Red Sox blog I frequent:

Yeah, yeah, us Yankee fans won today, 5-1. HaHa! What’s the matter? Can’t take it?

Let’s see, the Red Sox lost the first two games of the Grapefruit League and the Yankees won their first two. Should we start printing the “2009 AL East Champions” shirts for the Bronx now? Somehow, I think not.

Granted, even in a Spring Training game I hate to see the Sox lose the way they did today (going into the 9th up 2-0 and losing 3-2) but even I won’t start wringing my hands just yet.

I’m happy with how the pitching looks thus far but oddly enough (giving my fondness for pitchers), my interest really is with how this shortstop competition will work out. I’ll be the first to admit that last year I was thisclose to hiring someone to take out Julio Lugo’s knee Nancy Kerrigan style before he got hurt (and then again when it looked like he just might be back for the end of the season). But, honestly, as much as I really want Jed Lowrie to stay up with the big team and be successful, I’d absolutely love to see Lugo dominate and this year. So I have no horse in this race. I want them both to succeed. I want them to make it practically impossible for Tito to make the decision on which player gets to start.

I had MLB.tv on at the office today listening to the Mets/Marlins game, waiting for Kyle Snyder to get into the game. He pitched the ninth inning, giving up one hit (a double) and no runs to close out the game. (The Mets are 2-0.) I did take the time to actually watch his part of the game. He looked good. And I mean that in every way that applies. He looked relaxed, he wasn’t wincing, he didn’t look tired or tight, there was no reaching for a sore spot…and for those lamenting his lack of curls in his Photo Day picture, they’re there…just a little shorter than usual. Again, he looked good. It was encouraging to see given how up and down last year was for Kyle. I hope this outing is a harbinger of good things to come for him this year.

Friday brings more baseball! Sox play Tampa Bay at 1:05pm. See, this is a game I want them to win. My brief illness messed with my schedule this week, so I’l be in the office on Friday listening through MLB.com. Bronson Arroyo also pitches his first real game this spring at 1:05pm on Friday. It’ll be interesting switching back and forth while also being productive.

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