If you’ve had enough don’t put up with his stuff

Listening to A*Rod speak, I lost thousands of brain cells yesterday. So I’m in a bit of a ranting mood.

The entire thing was a farce from the get-go. By not allowing follow-up questions, the Yankees made a mockery of the entire thing. What was the point? To give A*Rod an opportunity to tell us how stupid he is and how much he loves his teammates and children?

Johnny Damon said he “did a good job”. That alone should be condemnation enough. (Damon also said he didn’t do anything illegal. Please, Johnny, stop talking.)

Peter Abraham has the transcript of Slappy’s opening statement here. It gives me a headache reading it over. I’m trying to remember what I was like when I was 25. I certainly didn’t have the life experiences that he had, yet I don’t consider myself having been “young and ignorant”. My mother already had two children by the time she was 25. Dustin Pedroia is, currently, 25 years old. How many of you want to tell him to his face that because of his age, he’s “ignorant” or “stupid”? I dare you.

In his statement he said he took a blood test before the last WBC. Then during the Q&A he said he wasn’t sure if a blood test was part of the requirements for the WBC. In his response to the reporter who asked him why he didn’t mention his cousin to Peter Gammons he blathered on some nonsense about wanting to make sure he had the facts and then even suggested he didn’t remember everything at the time. He forgot his own cousin supplied him with steroids? Yeah, that’s believable.

Ooh, but don’t say “steroids” because Slappy never did. (I can’t decide if I should let “Slappy” go and stick with “A*Rod” so I’m alternating for now.)

The idea that he allowed himself to be injected with something over the course of three years that he didn’t know what it was doing for him is ridiculous. That he wants us to believe it is insulting. That many people actually BELIEVE it is mind-boggling.

I have a friend who is, quite possibly, one of the most level-headed, least irrational people you will ever meet. Today she told me that she was so mad while listening to A*Rod’s bull that she was shaking. I was also shaking with anger, but I’m irrational and reactionary. 🙂 To have her do it was reassuring that, sometimes, my reactions aren’t all that irrational.

I’m watching MLBN and ESPN while writing this. Johnny Damon actually just said “The pitchers he was facing were doing it”. Is he out of his freaking mind? If he wants to throw out a blanket statement like that, why not just admit that HE (Damon) was “doing it”? Because that’s what he’s saying, right? If Damon believes that every pitcher Slappy faced was on the juice, doesn’t that mean every batter was too? Damon was playing between 2001 and 2003. What a horse’s ass! (OOh now Buster Olney is giving A*Rod a good ballwashing…time to turn the channel.)

I want to be done with Slappy but he refuses to let me. I think I’m going to spend the day ignoring the negative. Friend of the blog Lisa (she who alerted me to Kyle’s signing with the Mets) sent me a video last night to help get the A*Rod out of my system. I’ve seen it before, but it’s always good for a smile. Can’t wait until this year’s Cookie-off! (Bonus for me – both Bronson Arroyo and Kyle Snyder are featured!)

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