What goes around is coming back and haunting you

You bet you behind I’ll have a rant about ARod later tonight.  First I want to actually watch the Gammons interview before I go on about what an absolute horse’s ass I think Slappy is.

I’ll just say this.  The idea that we should be happy and appreciative that he’s admitting to using for three full seasons pisses me off.  He had a wonderful opportunity during his interview with <a href=”http://leeinks.weei.com/a-rod-with-katie-couric-dec-2007/” target=”_blank”>Katie Couric</a> to come clean.  Admitting you did something wrong just because you got caught, and then expecting that the world should go on and still appreciate all you did while you were cheating?  Makes my stomach turn.

What are the chances that he just fades into obscurity?  That would be nice.

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