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Photo of David Pauley in 2006 – taken by Kelly O’Connor/Sittingstill.net

So David Pauley’s short-term fate has been determined: Today, he was traded to the Baltimore Orioles for right-handed pitcher Randor Bierd. Pauley only made two starts with the BoSox in 2008 – his real contributions were with the PawSox where, in ’08, he won 14 games (and lost 4), walked 41 batters and struck out 103 in 147 innings. Charlie Zink, in an interview with MLB.com, gave Pauley a lot of the credit for pushing him during his career year that ended with Zink winning the AAA Starting Pitcher of the Year award. I spent many fun days at McCoy Stadium last year watching each of them pitch and I’ll miss being able to do that this season.

Pauley had been designated for assignment in order to put John Smoltz on the 40-man roster. Can’t argue with the whys. But he was a sentimental favorite of mine and it’s a bit of a bummer to find that he won’t be in Pawtucket in 2009. The unselfish part of me is happy that he is going to a team that might actually have a spot for him on the big team. David has more than paid his dues and I think Baltimore could be a good fit.

And one bit of housekeeping: Entries on the blogs I’ve had previous to this one were rife with trolls and people who just wanted to bash me. I’m okay with that. If you’re going to put yourself out there, you have to expect to get negative reactions as well as positive. Not everyone will always agree with me., nor do I expect them to. So, please, feel free to let me have it. All I ask is that you know of what you write. As someone pointed out in the comments today (and as I mentioned in my first entry here), I’m not a reporter. I have no access and I’ll never “break” a story. When there is baseball-related material to write about, I will. I’ll also be writing about aspects of the game that are important to me. Especially in these off-days of baseball. That’s to say, this is, for the most part, a very personal blog. It’s an op-ed column, if you will. If you don’t want to read about one fan’s views, feelings and experiences with the Red Sox and with baseball in general, you’re in the wrong place. My hope is that people enjoy reading this blog. If you aren’t enjoying it, WEEI.com has a long list of bloggers who might be better suited to your tastes.

Dig me, already pimping for the man!

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