A brief “Woooooooo!”

Jim Rice Yesterday - Photo by Steven Senne/AP

Jim Rice Yesterday - Photo by Steven Senne/AP

Work was crazy busy so I was off-line for the better part of the day yesterday (and will be today as well) and around 1pm it hit me what the day was – and knowing I wouldn’t be online to get the news. I anticipated a text message or two letting me know the outcome of the Hall of Fame voting.

KellyO was the first to hit my cell with the news: “He’s in! Woooooo!!!!”

And, a bit to my surprise, I started to cry. I’ve spent a little piece of this blog talking up Jim Rice. I make it no secret that I think he belongs in the hall of fame. There was a huge feeling of vindication for the man and his career upon reading Kelly’s words.

I normally write something just before the HoF announcements come out.  Every year I wrote about Jim Ed he didn’t get in.  I purposely wrote nothing this year.  So he has me to thank.  😆

I don’t think I could be happier for him if I knew him personally.

With any amount of luck, tomorrow begins my gig at WEEI. I’ll let you know as it gets more certain!

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