Did you know…

*  That Todd Walker is in the LSU Hall of Fame?  He was inducted in 2006 and was described as “Arguably, the best pure hitter in the [then] 113-year history of the program”.  (Side note about Walker.  He was, in 2003, the very first recipient of a postcard shower.  We used his improvement after he received the cards as proof they worked!  And we also saw one of the cards hanging in his locker at the end of the season!)

*  From June 2007 through the end of that season, Bill Mueller was the hitting coach for the Los Angeles Dodgers?   I honestly didn’t know this.  I have no idea how I missed it.  He’s now back in the front office in L.A. – I’m going to guess he tired of dealing with the likes of Jeff Kent.  🙂

*  Pokey Reese is a free agent now who strained both his hamstrings in 2008 while playing for the Columbus Clippers?  Pokey has had his troubles before the Nationals picked him up.  I hope he finds a team for 2009.

*  Kyle Snyder and Bronson Arroyo share the same agent and have been known to go fishing together.  Seriously – if I could be under THAT boat with a tape recorder – I’d be pretty damn happy.

Todd Walker and some guy in 2003 - Photo by Jim Davis

Todd Walker and some guy in 2003 - Photo by Jim Davis (Yeah, you were expecting a photo of Kyle - I know - suprise!)

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