Black Friday have you worried?

Who wants to go shopping on the busiest shopping day of the year?  Sure as hell not me.  SO I sit at my computer and shop in a much less stressful manner  – online!

Looking for the perfect gift for your baseball-loving friend or relative? is selling those caps the players wore on the 4th of July (Memorial Day?  Both?).  Chase Utley, Charlie Manual…get the cap your favorite player or coach wore.  (The only Red Sox player listed is Ramon Ramirez and that isn’t in a Red Sox cap!)

But here’s one I sense I know a person or two might like:  Craig Breslow!    Bidding starts at $150 and ends on December 5th.

Hey, there’s also an autographed photo of Bronson Arroyo going for…well, I forget how much, I’m distracted by the leg.

They’re also auctioning off an MLB authenticated, game used home jersey that Mike Timlin wore in the last game of the season this year.  Totally bittersweet for me, as you all know.  Opening bid?  $450.  Nothing says love like buying a USED jersey for what you might be able to pay for a smart phone or a really good digital camera.

Okay, so that’s out of my price range…how about a Mike Timlin hot wheels car??  You think I kid?

See?  There’s plenty of baseball-related stuff out there to buy!

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