Today’s your birthday

As my friend Beth points out, today is Jonathan Papelbon’s 28th birthday.  It also happens to be Luis Tiant’s 68th birthday.  Yes, El Tiante was born forty years before our Wild Thing!  This is what I write about when my brain doesn’t want to engage.

Other births of note today:

Steve Landesberg (“Dietrich” on Barney Miller for those too young to know, although if you’re too young to know who Steve Landesberg is you probably are too young to know who Barney Miller is too).

Maxwell Caulfield, best known for helping Michell Pfeiffer destroy the “Grease” legacy.

Robin Roberts – She, currently, of “Good Morning America” and the woman I wish Heidi Watney was.  🙂

And Miley Cyrus is 16 today.  If you don’t know who she is, I hope you say thanks tonight and you must not have a girl in your family between the ages of 6 and 13.

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