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Photo of Jason Varitek by Barry Chin of the Boston Globe...just because.

Photo of Jason Varitek by Barry Chin of the Boston Globe...just because.

So today is Curt Schilling’s 42nd birthday. What better time to talk about…


Yep, Randy Johnson, he of 45 years this past September, has filed for free agency. This surprised some folks who thought he’d finish his career in Arizona. The Big Unit is five wins shy of the 5300 (that’s what I get for writing after midnight!) mark, so it’s pretty certain he’s going to come back somewhere as long as he’s healthy, but where is the question.  Arizona is still, technically, a possibility, but it doesn’t look probable.  So who is going to pick up a 45 year-old, cranky, left-handed pitcher who could very well pack it in after he gets his five wins?  (Mind you, he hasn’t said that…it’s just me looking at Randy and thinking “Why WOULDN’T you hang it up after hitting 300 wins?”)

I’d love to see Curt’s reaction to the Sox taking Randy Johnson on.  That isn’t to say that I WANT the Sox to take him on, but the posts over at 38 Pitches could well be worth it!

Speaking of posts:  The fellas at “Fire Joe Morgan” have called it a day.  This saddens me.  Those fellas aren’t just funny but were really quite informative as well.  The “blogosphere” is a colder, darker place without them in it.  So go watch “The Office” and continue to support Ken Tremendous!

Dustin Pedroia won the Silver Slugger award this week.  Now he has Gold and Silver – very impressive Mr. Pedroia!  (He also happens to be the first Red Sox second baseman to ever get the Silver Slugger.  Well done, Pedie.)

And sincere congratulations to Cliff Lee for winning this year’s AL Cy Young award!  24 out of 28 voters put him first (the other four put Roy Halladay first) just a season after being booted to the minors because of his poor performance in 2007.  He pitched for a piss-poor team this year and still kicked ass.  The honor is well-deserved and I’m really happy for him!  Score one for the good guys! 🙂

Manny’s in the news as well and I choose to ignore him.  It’ll make me, you and everyone else much happier.

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