Everyone is a Comedian

On the front page of MLB.com today:

I like it!  Congrats to Tim on a well-deserved award!  I hope to be writing the same about Cliff Lee on Thursday night!

But for now it’s Lincecum, and I’m really happy for him.  I mean, how cute is this:

When I was told, I really said ‘Really?’ I was more shocked than anything,” Lincecum said. But his emotions took over once the phone call ended. “‘Whoo-hoo!’ I literally yelled a couple of times,” he said.

“Whoo-hoo!” See, they’re just like us!


And, for those who have been kind enough to keep asking, Rob Bradford has made it official over at WEEI.com by publishing the “Next Great Sports Blogger Roundtable”.  Many of you will be amused to know that some of my “responses” aren’t written EXACTLY in the way they were given.  The gist of what I said is definitely there, but in a few cases he changed the wording.  “Hey, that isn’t what I said!!”

Dig me, I’m Curt Schilling.

Today is the 24th day since Red Sox baseball ended.  Holy hell it’s going to be a long winter!

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