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Pedroia's home run swing (yeah, it should have been a defensive picture - sue me!) Photo by Kelly O'Connor

Pedroia's home run swing (yeah, it should have been a defensive picture, sue me I like this one!) Photo by Kelly O'Connor

Amalie Benjamin wrote an entire piece about Dustin Pedroia and didn’t use the word small, or any variation of it, to describe him.  Go figure!

Michael Silverman stayed away from the small references as well…although he got a “feisty” in there.

Ian Browne still hasn’t received the message.  Threw a “little” in his first sentence.  “…little Dustin Pedroia…”.  Boo to you Mr. Superfluous E.  Guy has a World Series ring, a Rookie of the Year award, a Gold Glove and is heading toward an MVP award and the best you come up with is “little”?  For shame, Ian, for shame.

No one will ever be able to say that Pedroia hasn’t earned his spot with the team or any of the awards he’s collecting, and his size has nothing to do with what an amazing player he is.  There are so many “superstars” in baseball and, to me, so few “baseball stars”.  Pedroia is a baseball star.

He might not be flashy, the paparazzi isn’t following him around,  but he has the respect of pretty much all of MLB and especially the fans.  He goes out, plays his ass off and gets things done.  So while, like Pedroia, I’m not all about individual achievements usually, in his case I will continue to make an exception.  Guy deserves every good baseball-related thing that happens to him!

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