Another Optimistic Live Blog

Beckett will lead the way - Photo by Steve Nesius/AP

Beckett will lead the way - Photo by Steve Nesius/AP

It’s 7:42pm.  I swear I’m bouncing off the walls.  See, on Thursday I was calm.  Whatever happened, happened.

Now I’m a bit of a mess…in a totally wonderful and happy way though.  🙂

This is going to be a great game.  I can’t wait for it to begin.  And just like Thursday, I’m in for the long haul.  I want them to win and I believe they can.  But if they don’t, I’ll be here for their send-off.

But I don’t see that happening tonight. Tonight we’re going to have a reason to celebrate.  Join me in a few, huh?

7:57 – TBS’ feed is totally screwed.  They’re showing “Bloopers and Practical Jokes”.  NESN is covering freaking hockey.  I think my head is going to explode right now.

8:01 – This is hell.  We’re in hell.

8:04 – Dick Clark says good bye.  We best be seeing Buck freaking Martinez now.

8:05 – No Buck.  Steve Harvey.  I have the WEEI feed on my computer right now so I can live blog off the radio. It’s different, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

8:09 – Coco bunts the first pitch for a single – wooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8:09b – According to Dale Arnold, there’s a power outage in Atlanta causing TBS to not be able to air the game so far.

8:10 – Shit.  Coco just got picked off.

8:11 – Joe Castig isn’t big on giving the count, huh?

8:12 – 2-2 count.  On a 1-2 count the cowbells came out in full force.

8:13 – “The fans are noisy and so are the cowbells” says Castig.  3-2 count to Pedroia.

8:14 – Pedroia pops it up to Longoria.  2 outs.  This sucks…I need WANT visuals.  😡

8:15 – More cowbell.  Did I just write that?  I meant, there IS more cowbell…I hate cowbell.

8:16 – Papi has a 2-2 count.  Does Castig always babble this much or am I just wired?

8:17- Crap.  Papi goes down swinging.  3 outs.  Here come the Rays.  Let’s go, Josh, kick ass.

8:18 – Seriously….could they torture us any worse than they are? F-bombs will be dropped soon.

8:21 – Beckett has two quick strikes….wooo!

Folks, go here to get some visuals.

8:24 – Upton has a 3-2 count…it’s too early for my head to hurt, fucking TBS.

8:22 – Swing and a miss…yay.  Sit your ass down Iwamura.

8:22b – I like the radio.  But I prefer television.  Especially when I’m somewhere I can see it.  So having the fucking tv in front of me and HAVING to listen to the radio pisses me off.

8:25 – Shit.  Upton hits a home run that hit the catwalk.  I think I said it the other night…Upton made a deal with the devil just before October 1st.

8:26 – I now have a full fledged “2008 Josh Beckett stomach ache”.  Wooooooo.

8:27 – 1-2 count to Pena.

8:28 – Full count.  One out, 1-0…hey TBS just got the game back on!  And I find out the radio is a step behind, since Beckett just walked Pena and the cowbells are going on.

8:29 – 1-0 count to Longoria.  He’s 6-21 in the series.  Let’s make it 6-22 because he hits into a double play.  This makes me very happy.  1-0 Rays to end the first.  After seeing Upton’s home run, I’m not yet worried about Beckett.

8:32 – I promise you that I’ll not refer to him as “Big Game James” at all in this blog.  Ron Darling tells us a minor league teammate of Shields gave it to him.  That’s rich.

8:33 – BIG GAME YOUOUUUUUKKKKK!!!!!!!!!  Home run.  Eat it James.  1-1!!!!!

8:34 – Ron Darling called that a “big hit”.  😆

8:35 – Come on JD, make them stop the cowbells altogether.

8:35b – “A towering, majestic, FOUL ball”, thank you Chip Caray.  S’okay, JD.  A base hit here makes me happy.  No outs.  1 on.  Here comes Jay Bay!

8:36 – I love to hear the crowd scream, expecting a double play but Jay Bay runs it out!!!!  1 out.  That’s okay.

8:37 – Mark Kotsay is up.  I have been unfairly harsh on Mr. Kotsay this year.  Now is a good time to shut me up.

8:38 – And he does!  HE DOES!!!  Another base hit!!!!!!  Men on first and second with Jed Lowrie up.  Come on Jed, just get a hit…

8:38b – I’m so wonked up I think I forgot how to be funny.

8:39 – Crap.  Nothing funny about that.  Jed flies out.  Here comes the Captain.  Shut up everyone who is groaning about you right now, Jason.

8:40 – Tek has a 3-1 count.  A walk, a HBP….I’ll take either of these.

8:41 – It sounds like Rays fans aren’t just cowbelling it tonight.  I hear noisemakers too.  WTF???

8:42 – Teks pops it up.  Good grief, Jason.  Okay, I’ll take it.  1-1 going to the middle of the 2nd.

8:43 – Chip Caray keeps apologizing for the technical difficulties.  Fox is laughing at you Chip.  Laughing.

8:45 – I see Joshua Patrick Beckett on my television and I’m happy.  He gets Crawford out on one pitch.  Yippee!

8:48 – Cliff Floyd is down looking!!!  Sit down, Cliffie, sit down.  Two outs and I’m happy.

8:49 – Beckett only needed 7 pitches to get out of that inning.  Happiness is two kinds of ice cream, baby!

8:51 – “Happiness is two kinds of ice cream”?  I’ve lost my mind and we aren’t even an hour in.

8:52 – I’m in the same clothes I was in on Thursday night.  Sitting in the same seat…drinking the same drink (Red Bull).  Oh, an Coco has a 2-2 count.

8:53 – Ergh.  Coco hits it up high and is out.  Pedroia is up.  Chip Caray reminds us that “we showed you” Pedie’s pop-out from the first inning.  Yes, they showed us it at the end of the second inning.  You guys rock, Chip.  Don’t go changing.

8:55 – Pedroia walks.  Joe Maddon shakes his head, Rays fans boo and Ron Darling says it was “the right call”.  I sense Ron might be digging the Sox at this point.  Caray and Martinez must hate him.

8:56 – PAPI DOUBLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Sleeping giant done been woke!

8:57 – Youk starts off with a strike.  I was kind of  hoping they’d walk him to get to JD.  🙂

8:57b – Youk grounds out but Pedie scores!!!!!  2-1 Red Sox with two outs and JD up!

8:58 – Come on JD.  Make teh BeeGee cry.  (BeeGee – Big Game…I’m two minutes away from ripping my clothes off and running screaming down the street….give me a break here, okay?

8:59 – He walked him?  Hmmmm….pitching around him to get to Bay.  Okay.  I can dig this.

9:00 – We have men on first and third and Jay Bay has a 1-2 count.  Come on, Jay Bay.  Lobsters make Baby Jesus cry.

9:02 – Jay Bay works a full count.  No whammy, no whammy, no whammy…

9:02b – AND he walks him!!!!!!  Bases loaded for Big Game Mark Kotsay.

9:03 – I don’t see why Kotsay can’t take one for the team here…

9:04 – 3-0 count….oh God…I’m dying…

9:05 – Can I be mad at Kotsay for leaving the bases loaded???? Okay, I’m not mad yet.  🙂   2-1 Sox, but what is it, 7 lobsters thus far?  Enough of that shit, please, thanks.    I like the lead, Joshua Patrick.  Let’s keep it, shall we?

9:07 – Sox have five hits, Rays have 1 thus far (3rd inning).  Josh shall not suck.  I’m sensing this.

9:08 – Gross has an 0-2 count.  Wow.  Called strike 3.  He can’t hit, he can’t field…why is he on the team?  🙂

9:09 – I’m watching this game with my folks.  Shout out from the Red Sox Hen for Donna/Tex who just said “Tex must be dying!”.  😆

9:10 – Bartlett leans into a pitch and the fucker gets first with two strikes and one out.  Fuck you, ump.

9:11 – Iwamura shows bunt.  1-0 count.  Double play, Joshua Patrick, okay?

9:13 – Brenken just texted me from the Trop.  This in itself is a miracle.  :lol:  She says she’s sitting near Stephen King!

9:13b – Beckett’s count to Iwamura is 3-1.  Kick ass Josh.

9:14 – May I be the first to say “Fuck You You’re Out” to Iwamura?  Thank you, I will.  Two outs, man on first and BJ Upton (They called him “Babe Ruth”…get the oral sex over with and move on with the game please.) up.

9:15 – I’m afraid to add any more photos to the blog, lest I fuck with the mojo.  Just in case you were wondering.

9:17 – 1-2 count to BJ Upton.

9:17b – Hey, it’s the “Let’s Go Mets” chant!

9:18 – 2-2 count and I still can’t get over how fugly that field is.

9:19 – Back to Joshua Patrick!!!!!!!  Fuck you BJ you’re out too!!!!!  2-1 end of 3.

9:20 – I almost used the live-blogging software tonight but two things stopped me.  1) I haven’t used it yet and didn’t want it messing up and 2) I wasn’t messing with the mojo.  So my apologies if this is hard to read.  Next year – definitely live-blogging software for the live blogs.

9:22 – Holy cow.  Derryl Cousins is taking himself out of the game after getting hit earlier with a Tek foul ball.  This isn’t something you usually see in a post-season game.  There are extra umps hanging around during the playoffs aren’t there?

9:24 – Hee.  I’m happy this is happening when the Sox are going to be batting and Shields is getting iced not Beckett.

9:26 – Have I mentioned I’m alcohol-free during the game?  See, because I was on Thursday.  Thursday I had a Mike’s Hard Lemonade (which I never drink) at dinner and then Red Bull for the game.  Today, the restaurant I was at had no Mike’s, so I had lemonade and vodka at dinner and now Red Bull again.  I’m not insane.  Why do you ask?

9:31 – Craig Sager has his Tampa Bay blue on.

9:31b – So the umpires told Maddon that Shields can’t throw on the side but he can take as many warm-up throws from the mound when play resumes?  WTF?

9:32 – And how the hell long does it take to move from the outfield to home plate?  Off your asses umpires.

9:35 – Shields begins his six hours of warm-ups.

9:37 – Pee break!  (TMI?)

9:38 – Wow.  3-1 to Lowrie.  Should have taken a few more minutes, BeeGee.

9:39 – Lowrie out to Upton.  Seems like they’re all hitting UP not OUT.

9:40 – I’m sweating.  Is it hot in here?

9:40b – Tek is out.  I barely realized he was up.

9:41 – WOOOOOOO!!!!!  Coco gets a hit and I hurt myself clapping.  Do I get warmup throws before I continue typing?

9:42 – I think Ron Darling just said the Red Sox are crazed.

9:44 – Pedie hitting hypnotizes me.  I forgot I was supposed to be blogging this.  1-2 count…

9:45 – I’ve never been able to figure out why players from opposing teams just don’t pretend that all the noise the crowd makes is for THEM.

9:45b – Pedie strikes out.  No worries, Sox still have the lead.  2-1 Sox going into the bottom of the fourth…

9:46 – Hey, the Bruins won 4-2.  (And that is the end of my Bruins commentary for the night!)

9:48 – Did Chip Caray just call this “Game 4”?

9:49 – Pena pops out to Youk on Beckett’s second pitch.  Ooh, we have a John Farrell sighting!  Apparently, Tito told TBS to suck it and poor John gets stuck doing the in-game interview.

9:50 – I haven’t received any more texts from Brenken at the Trop.  I hope she hasn’t shoved a cowbell up someone’s butt.  Oh, two outs.  Thank you, Coco.

9:51 – I know I’ve written this over and over again…but every time I see Crawford I think of poor Matt Clement and I seethe.  (Yes, I know Crawford didn’t intentionally put one in Clement’s ear!)

9:52 – “Cowbells are quiet” says Chip Caray.  Insert big, cheesy, smiley emoticon here.

9:52 – Ron Darling knows that it’s Josh’s oblique not his arm that’s bothering him, right?

9:53 – You have to be shitting me.  Crawford gets fooled, practically bails on the swing and gets a friggin’ hit.  I hate Carl Crawford.

9:54 – Shout out to the old school folks from the Red Sox Fan Forum: “Cliff Floyd cheated on my daughter”!

9:55 – Josh Beckett would like you to get off the damn plate, Cliff, thanks.  1-1 count.

9:56 – I never understand why fans boo when a pitcher throws to first.  Let him throw it.

9:56b – Crap.  Crawford steals second.  Please get Cliff out and end this inning, Josh.

9:57 – 2-2 to Floyd.  AUGH!!!! Kotsay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Underhands to Beckett and the adulterer is out!!!!!!!!!!!

9:59 – I totally skeeve this Axe chocolate dude commercial.

10:00 – The Large Father is up.  I think the fifth inning is a good time to make BeeGee cry.

10:01 – Seriously, I didn’t notice it before but I think Ron Darling has a little crush on the Red Sox.

10:02 – Could we maybe work on leveling out these hits, dudes?  Papi, he is out.

10:03 – It is time to have a career-game tonight, Youk.  Or line out to Evan Longoria.  Whatever works for you.

10:03b – YAY D WOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!  Two-out double, baby!!!!!!!!!

10:04 – Jason Bay = rally killer.  :(  Still 2-1 so we’re good.

10:05 – Apropos of nothing, I hate Pizza Hut pizza.  It sucks.  Give me Papa Gino’s any time.

10:07 – Navarro is up.  I haven’t noted any of his at-bats.  Chip Caray has the balls to say that BECKETT took a long time to warm up?    Ron Darling says he’s pitching in pain.  I’m pretty darn sure Joshua Patrick would punch Darling dead in the face for that.

10:08 – Navarro gets on and the TBS dudes are blaming the ump delay on it????????????????

10:09 – Zobrist is pinch hitting for Gabe Gross and he has a strike.  I would love a double play right about now.

10:10 – Gross looks PISSED to be taken out of the game.  PISSED.  He knows he sucks, right?  I mean, he has to.  He knows his stats…

10:10b – Cousins left with a “bruised clavicle”.  I was checking the BC score and ESPN reported that he was “hit in the head”.  Stellar work there, ESPN.

10:11 – Fly ball to Coco.  Gabe Gross says “WTF??????”.  One out, one on for Bartlett.

10:12 – Holy shit Jason Varitek threw Navarro out.  Holy shit.  Did I say holy shit?  Holy shit.

10:13 – 1-2 count to Bartlett.  Caray is orgasmic that the crowd is “quiet”.

10:14 – My dad is chanting “Spit Terry, spit!  Spit, Terry, spit!”.

10:14b – Are you shitting me?  Jason Bartlett homers?  Tie game.  I’m shaking.  Thank God for throwing out Navarro.  2-2 game in the 5th with 2 outs and Iwamura up.

10:15 – Chip Caray has a totally unnatural affection for following the reactions of the crowd.

10:16 – Iwamura’s count is 3-1…

10:17 – 3-2.  Come on, Josh, just get the team out of the inning.  Nice pitch.  Iwamura is out and at the end of 5 it’s 2-2.  I can deal with this.  🙂

10:20 – Brett Favre doing a wrangler commercial (Yep, I switched to ESPN between innings).  Interesting.

10:21 – Father of Cyn claims the Sox are going to score three runs in this inning.

10:22 – Holy cow that was a good catch.  Pisses me off, but Iwamura still makes a fabulous catch.  One out.  Nice try Mark.

10:23 – Two strikes on Lowrie on Shields’ 101st pitch.  Someone explain to me why Caray and Martinez are felating Shields when Beckett is pitching well and the score is freaking TIED?

10:23b – Lowrie strikes out.  Craig Sager joins in the Shields blow job as the Captain comes up to bat.

10:24 – HOLY HELL!!!!!!!  Tek’s first hit of the series is a fucking HOME RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10:25 – I want to sex Mr Tek right now.  There.  I said it.

10:25b – Coco gets his third hit.  Two outs, one on, Pedie up.

10:26 – Everybody wave good bye to James.

10:27 – Incidentally (or not), the score?  3-2.  Red Sox.  RED SOX, baby!

10:29 – Howell is in.  Pedie has a strike.  We need two more runs to make Father of Cyn a happy man.

10:30 – “Ball two, strike one”, is what Chip Caray just said.  Is his job so boring he’s creating new ways to give us the count?

10:30b – OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!  (which is exactly what I just screamed out loud)  “E-6”, BABY!!!!!!  Men at the corners with the Large Father up.

10:31 – Deleted in case my parents ever read this.  😆

10:33 – Holy.  Cow.  Base hit for Papi and Coco scores!  4-2 Red Sox!!!!

10:34 – If you’re reading this but no the comments (a lot of folks read this blog the day after the game)…I promise you, you need to read the comments.  😆

10:35 – Youk has a 1-2 count…

10:36 – “Howell should be out of this inning but isn’t…” says Chip Caray.  Bwahahahahahahaha….says Cyn.

10:37 – Youk strikes out.  I care not. (Well I CARE, but I’m not annoyed.)   4-2 Red Sox.  Father of Cyn was off by one run.

10:40 – Beckett is out.  I’m not sure this pleases me.  Okajima is in, which is fine, I like Oki well enough.  But it’s only the 6th inning.  I’d have liked to see Beckett at least come out for one more hitter.

10:41 – Upton lines out to Youk.  Happiness ensues.

10:42 – Hey!  Did you all know that Okajima puts his head down when he pitches?  WHY HAS NO ONE EVER MENTIONED THIS BEFORE?

10:44 – Please don’t walk Pena, Oki.  Thank you.

10:45- Whoa.  I thought for sure that was ball four.  Instead, it was STRIKE THREE BABY!!!!!!!!!!!

10:46 – A Mike Timlin sighting!!!!!!  (No worries, he’s not “up”!)  I’m happy to see him anyway!  🙂

10:46b – Ron Darling hasn’t pitched in a while.  I think he’s forgotten what a perfect freaking strike looks like!

10:48 – Oki walks Longoria to bring up the evil Carl Crawford.  Out please.

10:49 – Crawford has a 1-2 count…

10:50 – He’s out, he’s out, he’s out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10:53 – 7th inning with JD up…

10:54 – In the world of baseball trivia, why is it never mentioned that JD’s initials are really DJ?  This is something you think they’d beat us to death with.  (DJ is out, incidentally).  Jay Bay will open up this lead a bit…

10:55 – Ron Darling wants us to “give Shields credit” for only losing by 2 runs instead of more. Meanwhile, Jay Bay takes one for the team and is on first.

10:56 – Lord of Thunder, Mark Kotsay is up.  1-0 count.

10:58 – Kotsay advances Jay Bay and we have two outs and are getting a new pitcher.

10:59 – Balfour is in.  I can hear everyone in The Nation sing-songing “Bal-four!”.

11:00 – Balfour’s first pitch is a WEE bit high.

11:01 – Mike Timlin close up!  (Okay, it was really a Papelbon close up but my man was in the shot!)

11:02 – Lowrie walks.  They don’t call him Balfour for nothing. 🙂

11:03 – Anyone think Tek has another homer in him?

11:04 – Every so often I hear “No balls, two strikes” and turn into Beavis and Butthead.  “He has no balls!  Heh-heh!”

11:05 – Tek gets another life…1-2…

11:05b – That was one hell of a passed ball.  Men on second and third.  A good hit could score two runs.

11:05c – Full count, much to the chagrin of most of the stadium.

11:06  – Sonofabitch.  Oh well.  If it wasn’t a close game, we wouldn’t appreciate it…or some shit like that.

11:07 – Checking out the BC game (they’re winning, incidentally) and one of the announcers said “You can’t hardly blame him”.  Okey-dokey.

11:08 – Aybar is up (is he pinch hitting for Floyd?  Why isn’t someone mentioning this?) and Oki is still in there.  Are we looking at 2 Oki innings and 2 Paps innings?

11:10 – Oki pops him up!!!!!!!  Youuuuuuk!!!!!

11:10b – Chip Caray doesn’t want us to count out Tampa Bay in Game 6…yet.

11:11 – 0-2 to Navarro.  My stomach hurts.  Let’s get another out, eh?

11:12 – Jay Bay!!!! Two outs!!!  Cyn is happy!!!!!!

11:14 – “What is it about these Red Sox?”,  Chip Caray wants to know.

11:14b – Okajima…he doesn’t suck, huh?  1-2-3 inning!!

11:16 – USC beat Washington State 69-0 today.  Holy hell.

11:18 – If, in fact, Beckett is hurt and if, in fact, the Red Sox win tonight…this is one hell of a ballsy appearance by him, no?

11:19 – Coco swings at what looked like ball four…but it matters not since he walks anyway!

11:20 – Bye-Bye Balfour – coming soon to Broadway!

11:20b – Tony Romo won’t be starting on Sunday, but he’s active for the game.  This fantasy football moment brought to you by “Brady’s Baby Mama” of the Surviving Pete Carroll” league.

11:22 – Chad Bradford is in the game.  I defended this dude tooth and nail to folks when he was with the Red Sox…the bastid.

11:23 – Pedie is out even with Bradford booting the ball…but that moves Coco to second.

11:24 – Buck, do they pronounce your name MARTINez?  No.  It’s Mar TEEN ez.  The man’s name is Orteez not ORtiz.  Guh.

11:25 – The Large Father gets an intentional walk to bring up Youk.  I like this…

11:26 – Well, crap.  Youk hits into a double play.  Bottom of the 8th coming up with a 4-2 Sox lead.

11:28 – Masterson is coming in to the game.  This will be okay.  I feel good about it.

11:29 – BC just beat Virginia Tech – yay!

11:30 – KellyO brings me a piece of schadenfreude about Joba Chamberlain.

11:31 – Masterson has a 3-1 count on Bartlett.  Come on, Justin.  Get the out.

11:32 – Or, you know, hit him and give him a base.  Jesus.

11:33 – You can get the double play, Justin.  Let’s get going…

11:34 – It’s getting close to “Cyn needs to get up and pace the house” time…just so you all know.  And the lobster roll is 12.  12 men left on base tonight.

11:35 – Sweet pitch, Justin.  2-2 count to Iwamura.

11:36 – Is it appropriate to say “Fuck you, you’re out” when Masterson is pitching?  Iwamura strikes out to bring up Upton.  Double play please.

11:37 – BJ has 2 strikes.  TBS just shows someone oiling up (?) Chad Bradford’s pitching arm.

11:39 – He popped him up!  He popped him up!!!!  Oh Justin!!!! One more, baby, ONE MORE!!!!

11:40 – AUGH!!!!!!!  Pena pops up!!!!!  Whatever the hell John Farrell said to Masterson totally worked!!!!!  4-2 going into the ninth!!!!!!!!!!

11:43 – JD up…and out.

11:44 – Father of Cyn wants Jay Bay to hit a catwalk home run.  I’ll settle for a base hit.

11:45 – And we’re both disappointed.  Bradford already has two outs and Papelbon is up in the ‘pen.  Joe Maddon has had enough of Bradford.

11:47 – KellyO is bringing the Monty Python mojo in the comments.  And we have pictures there too!

11:47b – Trever Miller v Mark Kotsay.  First pitch pop up.  Holy shit we’re going to the bottom of the ninth.  I’ll be here for the first batter…might have to pace for the next two.

11:51 – Three more outs.  Three more outs.  Three more outs.

11:52 – Longoria grounds out.  He grounded out.  Okay, I can stay for the second batter…

11:54 – Holy shit what did he swing at?  Papelbon?  Has his psycho eyes going tonight.  Woooooooo!  Crawford has a 1-2 count.

11:55 – He struck  him out…..he struck him out….Holy shit.  Father of Cyn just shut the lights out in a symbolic move.  I heart my father.

11:56 – I can’t breathe…I’m just sayin’…

11:56b  – Fucking WOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Three outs!  They won.  THEY FREAKING WON!!!!!

JOSH BECKETT IS MY GOD TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m gonna tell you a story
I’m gonna tell you about my town
I’m gonna tell you a big bad story, baby
Aww, it’s all about my town

Yeah, down by the river
Down by the banks of the river Charles (aw, that’s what’s happenin’ baby)
That’s where you’ll find me
Along with lovers, fuggers, and thieves (aw, but they’re cool people)
Well I love that dirty water
Oh, Boston, you’re my home (oh, you’re the Number One place)
Frustrated women (I mean they’re frustrated)
Have to be in by twelve o’clock (oh, that’s a shame)
But I’m wishin’ and a-hopin, oh
That just once those doors weren’t locked (I like to save time for
my baby to walk around)
Well I love that dirty water
Oh, Boston, you’re my home (oh, yeah)

Because I love that dirty water
Oh, oh, Boston, you’re my home (oh, yeah)

Well, I love that dirty water (I love it, baby)
I love that dirty water (I love Baw-stun)
I love that dirty water (Have you heard about the Strangler?)
I love that dirty water (I’m the man, I’m the man)
I love that dirty water (Owww!)
I love that dirty water (Come on, come on)

Special thanks to everyone who stopped by in the comments.  I promise you, I need to do this again for Game 7.  Come on by if you’re so inclined.


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