Joe Buck is doing the countdown

Mentioning how many different times over the last couple of decades that the Phillies have been in the post-season.

The Dodgers have one on and two out in the bottom of the ninth and are down 5-1.

I should sympathize with the Dodgers and their fans given the situation the Sox are in, but I don’t.  Not really.  I feel a little evil writing that but, screw it.  Manny Ramirez in this year’s World Series would have damn near killed me.

Nomar is up.  With two out.  Nomar is someone I can sympathize with (for?).  Nomar pops it up and the Phillies are your pennant winners.  Congratulations, Phillies, I’m genuinely happy for you!

This week has been a tad surreal on many levels.  All I ask is for the Red Sox to be competitive in Game 5 and I HOPE we get to see at LEAST three more games of Red Sox baseball.

Make it so, fellas, make it so.

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