Chip Caray just said…

…that Red Sox Nation was asking Terry Francona why Daisuke started tonight’s game instead of Josh Beckett.

Did ANY of you ask Terry that?  I sure as hell didn’t.

It pisses me off that these asshats can just say whatever they want, uncontested, and have people believe it.

Oh, in other news, in the words of Sean Casey, WOOOOOOOO!!!!!

I didn’t realize how much I wanted this one until Youk hit that double.  I’m babysitting and my yell woke up the niece AND the cat.  😆

I muffled my yelling at the end of the game. 🙂

TBS wanted Daisuke to suck so much you could feel it.  Boy did they get disappointed.  All the pitching tonight was dead on.  Sox got 2 runs on 7 hits.  It isn’t pretty, but the result is friggin; gorgeous.

And while I know it wasn’t intentional, JD Drew almost getting freaking decapitated pisses me off.  I want the Sox to pile on the runs tomorrow night and then have someone nail Evan Longoria in the ass with a fast ball.

Yeah, I have a mean streak.

SO proud of this team.  What a great job they did.  Especially, again, Daisuke and the rest of the pitchers out there tonight.  Man, it’s amazing.

Incidentally, why do none of the guys on TBS know that Kevin Youkilis is a natural 3rd baseman?

It’s late so I’m all over the place.  Turning on NESN to catch the post-game show.

Sleep well, Nation.  Our boys did good!

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