A Game of Tag

This was 2 weeks before he thew the no-hitter.  Notice the hand has moved up to my shoulder!

This was 2 weeks before he threw the no-hitter. Notice the hand has moved up to my shoulder!

So I never do this stuff, but what the heck.  I got tagged by Soxy Lady to reveal 7 weird or random facts about myself with you all.  I’m also supposed to tag 7 other folks, but I won’t do that.  I’m in a bit of a writing rut this week so I’m hoping this will help shake me out of it. All of them will be baseball-related except for number 6, which I copied from Soxy because there are many folks here who will appreciate it

7.  I love the National League. I do.  Love it.  And it doesn’t even have to do with pitchers hitting (because I dig the Designated Hitter!).  I think it has to do with watching teams whose success doesn’t have any bearing on the Red Sox.  It probably can also be traced to TBS showing all those Braves games for so many years.

6.  My first word was “bitchy”. Do with this information what you will.  (I do feel the need to put in a note that my aunt taught me “bitchy” NOT the Red Sox Hen!)

5.  I loved Carl Everett when he was on the Red Sox. I didn’t care how crazy he was.  I didn’t care about the dinosaurs.  Hell, I didn’t even care about how he turned every “Family Day” into an episode of “Raw”.  He hit the crap out of the ball and was a good fielder and I cried giant tears of joy when he broke up Mike Mussina’s perfect game.

4.  I once rubbed Johnny Damon’s naked arm. In 2005, at Bronson Arroyo’s cd release party in Boston, Johnny wandered into the crowd and caused a stampede.  While getting pushed around, I ended up right next to Johnny.   I never really looked at him that way, but what the hell, his arm was right there.  So I rubbed it.  It felt like a piece of steel wrapped in velvet.  I had really good dreams that night.

3.  Derek Lowe grabbed my ass. Sure, I know what you’re saying, “You and every other woman in Boston”.  Maybe so.  Still, though, he did it.  And he was very nice while doing so.  Even posed for pictures.

2.  I almost got in a fistfight with a Yankee fan at Fenway Park with my dad sitting next to me. It was 1999.  We were sitting in the last row in the grandstand and had people standing behind us.  First, the guy started heckling Pedro (who was pitching that night).  He also heckled every Sox player when they were up at bat.  Then he started yelling at fans to “shut the fuck up” when we were cheering.  All of this happening in my ear.  I went from politely asking him to stop yelling in my ear to finally turning around and telling HIM to STFU and he called me a “Masshole”.  People literally had to hold me back.  My Dad, God love him, was stunned.  He had never seen me so hot.  Fenway security eventually ended up taking the jerk away.  Score one for me.

1, Kevin Millar’s mom once sent me a Christmas card.  Back when I ran a fan site for him.  She sent me a Christmas card with a picture of Kevin and his twins in it (and one of her with the twins).  She’s as nice as he is and exactly how you would expect Kevin Millar’s mom to be!

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