Off Topic – Happy Birthday Marty Stuart

It's all about the hair.

It's all about the hair!

I think I’ve mentioned before that I like country music.  It connects me to my roots (my mother and my grandmother got me into it) and although I enjoy most types of music, and listen to an awful lot of everything, country is probably my favorite.  So on the baseball off-days (by the time I got home from work last night the Tigers/White Sox game was over – so it was a total off-day for me) I try to catch up on what I’m missing outside the baseball world.  Since it was all pretty much Sarah Palin or financial disaster for America, I decided to just chill out with music.  I slapped on some Marty Stuart and ended up hitting the hay early.  (Man, I wish you could pocket the extra sleep time.  I’ll be needing it for Thursday morning!)  I wake up this morning to find that it’s Marty’s 50th birthday today.

For me, Marty will always be connected with Johnny Cash – who has an extremely special place in my heart – so to celebrate his birthday, to remember my grandmother on this random day, and to post something totally not baseball-related, I give you Marty and and Johnny singing “Doin’ My Time”.

I’m hoping for another early night tonight and a load of kick ass from Jon Lester tomorrow.

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