Keep falling…keep falling…rain.

I spent yesterday at and around Fenway.  In spite of the rain and the fact that there was. ultimately, no ball game, I had a really wonderful time.  It’s nice to just be able to hang out with friends and chill…and it’s especially nice when there is no game to obsess over.  🙂

Highlights of the day:  Seeing Coco Crisp at dinner with his family (and, no, we didn’t bother him) and then seeing Javier Lopez at the same place (we didn’t bother Javy either!).  I have a soft spot for Javier and I was probably more excited about seeing him than I was Coco!

This morning, I wake up to no rain, get up and immediately twist my ankle.  I did a nice job as it’s swollen and sore right now.  Which means I’ve ruled out making the trip back to Fenway tonight for the makeup game at 7:35.  I’m bummed about not being able to go, but my foot coupled with the rain now smacking my skylight makes me realize it’s for the best.

So, since I’m going to be stuck in the house with my foot up all day, I decided to end the regular season with double header live blogging!  I’ll start early, to cover Johnny Pesky’s number retirement ceremony and live blog both games.  There’s no ESPN game tonight…so 7:35 baseball with the Sox will be the last game tonight.  (I was going to write the last game of the season, but since there are two games happening tomorrow, that isn’t accurate is it?)

Please join me, if you will (barring rain-delays), at 1pm (1:15?) for Live Blogapalooza!

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