Random notes from last night’s game

Kyle Snyder Photo by Kelly O'Connor (I was looking for a Javy photo and came upon this and liked it so much poor Javier got bumped!)

Kyle Snyder Photo by Kelly O'Connor (I was looking for a Javy photo and came upon this and liked it so much poor Javier got bumped!)

Crabcakes was uncharacteristically silly in the dugout for the better part of the night.  I don’t know if NESN captured any of this, but KellyO did with her camera and I’m sure will have photos of it up at some point.  It was fun to watch him, while the team was losing, joking, laughing and being very UNcrabby.  Good to see he can keep it light when things are going tough.  But, given his normal persona, I wondered if he was drunk or high and if Beckett was going to pummel him to death when the game was over.

The Bullpen Band has let us all down.  Last night, in a game when a rally was desperately needed, they did nothing.  Just sat in the bullpen shivering.   So this loss is on you, Bullpen Band.  Step it up tonight, okay?

Bertucci’s “On Fire” Player of the Week?  Javier Lopez.  Honest to God.  I thought it was a misprint at first and they meant to have “46” or “58” up there instead of “48”.  I took a picture just to prove it to folks (which I haven’t uploaded yet…).  If Javier Lopez can be the “On Fire” Player of the Week…well then damn near anything is possible people!

Also about Javier…he’s been pitching pretty damned well this season (and he DID deserve the Bertucci’s honor…I’m just not used to seeing the guys who aren’t media darlings up there)…so if I have to sit near one more person who groans when he comes into a game and then proceeds to heckle him, I’m gonna go medieval on someone’s ass – and it won’t be Javy’s.

Last night the Sox  had an opportunity to clinch a playoff spot, and in the first and second innings there were still so many people NOT at the game that you could really notice the gaping holes in the stands.  There had to be a thousand empty seats…they were all through the park.  Every section, excluding the Monster seats, had many empty spaces.  They eventually filled up, but WTF people?  Come support the team when they need it most.  Game starts at 7:05 so get your ass there at 7:05.

Speaking of game times…They announced at the game last night that Saturday’s game was supposed to start at 7:05 and now is scheduled for a 3:55 start (Thanks to Fox suddenly deciding they wanted to air the last Sox/Yanks game of the season available to them).  I know this upsets many people but I’m thrilled.  We just got 3 hours back.  Given how long most Sox/Yanks games go, this is a very good thing.

Cliff Lee is pitching against the Sox tonight.  Is it wrong to hope for a line drive to his shin in the first inning to take him out of the game?  I don’t want him injured for life, I just want him nicked so he can’t pitch.

Hey, it’s the playoff push…no time to be nice, right?

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