Baseball Hodge Podge

Jonathan Papelbon screen grab from NESN

Jonathan Papelbon screen grab from NESN

The Red Sox let it be known today that Clay Buchholz will be playing in the Arizona Fall League this year.  According to Adam Kilgore, the plan is to have him throw 25 innings over a month.  So that’s exciting…Clay gets some more time to play before he calls it a season.  That’ll be fun to watch!

Speaking of fun to watch, I put the Twins/Rays game on in the bottom of the 8th and got to see the Twins come back from an 8-6 deficit to win the game in the ninth, 11-8.  Evan Longoria hit three, yes three, home runs tonight and the Rays still lost.  There were actually fans in the stands booing as the game was ending.  So sad to watch good love go bad.

I’m now watching the Giants/D’Backs game and it appeared that Randy Johnson had broken Tim Lincecum with a pitch, but the D’Backs dudes are happily announcing that Lincecum is “tying his shoes” so he must be okay.  Yay team!

Mike Lowell has a conference call with doctors tomorrow morning to find out if he can play in Toronto.  It still hasn’t been decided what the Sox are going to do with him, they’re waiting on the call and another evaluation.  Send your positive vibes Mike’s way, would you?

Lincecum already has one out and another batter at 0-2.  I think his boo-boo is okay.

Lots of stuff gets missed if you don’t watch NESN…here’s a clip from the “Red Sox Report” about some of the charity work the players do.  Keep an eye out for the players with some interesting critters!

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