Coco does it

Coco Crisp Photo by Me (Taken on 9/13/08)

Coco Crisp Photo by Me (Taken on 9/13/08)

I took this picture of Coco on Saturday during the game o’ suck courtesy of Paul Byrd.

I love the look on his face – love the intensity.  And it reminds me that the intensity IS there and that one loss out of two games isn’t that big a deal.

So Coco puts me back in a better mood.  Wake will be his Wakey self tomorrow and the Sox are still in the thick of it even with a loss tonight, so sack up Cyn and enjoy the rest of the season without being such a wuss over one loss.

I mean, really, if I didn’t let the entire season eat at me, I’m certainly not going to let one crappy game get to me at this point.

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