Focus on the Good

Kyle Snyder Huggy Photo by Kelly O'Connor - because Kyle is the opposite of the suck, Kyle is the good.

Kyle Snyder Huggy Photo by Kelly O'Connor - because I could use a hug right now.

This is what I’ve decided to do.  I’m not writing about all of the suck.  If I wrote about the suck, I’d probably break my keyboard.

SO I’m focusing on the good.

– It didn’t rain.  Well, I guess it rained a little for a short time, but I was in the last row in a loge box so I was under cover.  It also wasn’t raining while I flagged a cab (started up again on the ride home).

– The temperature was mild.  I forgot to bring a jacket or sweatshirt and was concerned I’d get too cold to stay.  Not the case at all.

– I got to see Mike Lowell and Jason Bay hit home runs.  Bay’s homer was especially sweet given it gave the team the lead.  And this is where I stop talking about Jason Bay’s home run, lest I venture into the area that pisses me off.

– I had a sweet seat.  And, except for the idiot behind me who kept booing Jeff Bailey, I had good people sitting around me.

– The game wasn’t delayed.  Kelly and I were worried it would be but it wasn’t and we got to have a beer and chill (and gab) pre-game because there was no BP.

– There was no fight and no one got hurt.  (Yes, I’m reaching now.  😡 )

– The pitching (ninth inning aside) really was not bad.  For the second game in a row, the Sox bats did very little.  (So, before you get pitchforks ready for Cinco Ocho, keep in mind that his offense, prior to Bay, did pretty much squat.)

– There’s another game tomorrow (well, by the time I publish this, tonight!) and I’ll be there (thanks Tru!).  I have a feeling that Josh Beckett will not disappoint.

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