Midnight ramblings

Kyle Snyder Huggy Photo by Kelly O'Connor

Kyle Snyder Photo by Kelly O'Connor

Okay, I’m awake and probably will be for the night.

So I’m getting my online reading in and notice that Jeff Horrigan mentions Kyle Snyder’s name as being one of the pitching “leading candidates” to get a call-up in September.  He also mentions Chris Smith and Hunter Jones (currently only Smith is on the 40-man roster).  I’m certain it goes without saying that I’ll be thrilled beyond belief if this happens.  Keeping my fingers crossed, because I’m being totally selfish and wallowing and want something good to happen after this total, all-around, shitstorm of a day.  Which just goes to show, as bad as I can get to feeling, I can always find a silver lining.  Good luck, Kyle, I’m pulling for you!

Speaking of which, tomorrow we get to meet the Taylor family!!  It’s their big day, and in an attempt to not give too much away online (in case prying children’s eyes are watching!) I’ll be giving a full update tomorrow night after it’s all over.

Special thanks to everyone who donated in some way.  Folks were terribly generous and it means a lot.

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