See this face?

This is the face, I promise you, of a player we will absolutely adore all season long.

I’ve always liked Sean Casey and I was thrilled when the Sox signed him. Here’s a guy who could have signed somewhere else and been a starter. Instead, he chooses to sign with the Sox as a bench player. There hasn’t been a photo taken of him yet where he isn’t smiling. He hasn’t given an interview yet where he doesn’t mention how willing he is to do “whatever Tito tells me”.

He’s a team player who all the players love. Voted nicest in MLB by his peers, we now have him and Papi in the same clubhouse. Watching players running sprints and taking batting practice on NESN isn’t doing it for me. I really just can’t wait to see Sean and the rest of the guys take the field.

Mark your calenders, those of you not making the trek to Ft Myers this week, for Friday, February 29th. That’s the first Spring Training game NESN will be airing. If you’re looking for a baseball fix, it’ll definitely be worth your time!

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