Finally, some good baseball news!

So, according to Gordon Edes, the Red Sox are going to make the JD Drew signing official today.  And the only thing different than the original offer is there will now be an agreement in place to void one or both of the last two years of the
deal, if old JD’s right shoulder makes it impossible for him to play.

Cool.  That I can live with.  Nothing like having a little protection for your $70 million investment.

But the thing that makes me go ‘huh’ is, THIS line from Edes’ column:

Drew is not expected to be in Boston for today’s announcement.

Terribly excited about being a Red Sox player, are you JD?  You just signed a 5-year, $70 million deal and you can’t be bothered to come to town?  It’s not that big a deal, I suppose.  I’m sure we’ll get the obligatory press conference with the jersey and cap at some point, but if someone were giving me $70 million, I’d be on the first plane out to shake their hands.

Oh well…just another installment in the soap opera that is JD Drew.  Let’s hope this ends THAT.  Welcome to Boston, JD…don’t mess it up.

Great news for Red Sox fans not in the NESN area, you’ll be able to see plenty of the Sox on National television this year.  The Sox will be the focus of 9 games of Fox’s "Game of the Week" and they are scheduled for two Sunday Night Baseball games on ESPN with a possibility of three more (two of them Yankees games and the last one the final game of the season – I have tickets to the final game of the season and on one hand I hope it ISN’T an ESPN game, but on the other hand, if it is that means the game is meaningful!).

All this talk of finally having Drew and the national schedules coming out just reinforces for me how much I want baseball to start!  

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