JD Drew Talks “Continue”

According to the Boston Globe, which many of you know I hate to link to but I’m being lazy this morning, no one involved in the negotiations has any ‘angst’ over how long this whole thing is taking.

I’m pleased to see that the Red Sox, Boras and Drew are angst-less.  The possibility of it was keeping me up at night. 

I mean REALLY, since when is no news ‘news’?  Peter Gammons, at the Hot Stove Cool Music concert, when asked about the situation said, basically "It will get done, but they’re still working on some language". 

The Hot Stove Cool Music concert was on January 7th…ten days later and we’re hearing pretty much the same exact line?  Pardon me while I yawn.  (I suppose it’s a good time to re-link my entry over at the Sox Sistahs blog about choosing a right fielder.)

But, hey, the Sox signed Kyle Snyder, so we have that going for us!  (I kid Kyle Snyder because I love.  He didn’t stink as much as we expected him to and I’m glad he’s getting another shot.  I’d still like to know who our right fielder is going to be seeing that truck day is in roughly 25 days.  Call me kooky.)

Man, I hate the Hot Stove ‘season’.  Bring me some baseball soon, baseball gods, I really, REALLY need it.

(Photo of faux Bronson, er, I mean Kyle Snyder, taken by me last June)

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