Could he be more full of himself?

Tuesday morning edit to add a quote from John Henry regarding this entire issue:

"We’re on Scott Boras’s doorstep because he hasn’t negotiated with us so far"

Say whatever you want about Boras’ talent as an agent, this is just flat-out sleazy.  All the Boras defenders will say that he’s just doing his best work for his client, but I call ****.  Boras thinks he can rule the world.  And, sadly, the Red Sox will probably give in because they really want this kid.  If you believe the reports, thanks to Boras’ new style of "non-negotiating" Matsuzaka’s reputation is being soiled in Japan.  So while Boras will succeed in getting his client a boatload of money, he has also succeeded in making him look like a stereotypical, greedy athlete.  I’m sorry, in my opinion your reputation is as important as your paycheck.  And Boras is doing his client an immense disservice just to ‘stick it’ to the Red Sox.

One other blurb from all this mess:

A negotiating session set up with Boras after Epstein and Lucchino arrived was called off yesterday, according to a source with first-hand knowledge of the negotiations, when Boras informed the officials that he had decided not to allow Matsuzaka to sit in on the meeting.

So Boras isn’t even giving his client a chance to save some face with his fans in Japan by being part of the process.  I hope the rest of MLB is watching this.  Boras needs to be taken down a few pegs before he starts destroying careers.

So Scott Boras calls a press conference just to say "if things don’t go the way people expect, don’t blame me blame the Red Sox"?

I love this:

When asked why he called a news conference, Boras smiled and replied: "I think this is the American way.”

Code for "To make sure my **** is covered when I cause this thing to fall apart"?.

We know there is a deadline.  We know the Sox made an offer and we know Boras hasn’t made a counter offer, so he calls a press conference to tell us negotiations are still in place. 

The only benefit I see of this deal falling through is Boras losing face with his clients.  Good God, this man has an overblown opinion of himself.  He reminds me of some of the MLB umpires.  You know, the ones who act like people come to the park to see HIM instead of the players.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m one of the fans who is really excited at the prospect of having this kid on the Sox, but Boras remarked tonight that he’s worth IN EXCESS of $100 million dollars.  Now, if he’s including the posting fee, that’s one thing, but that wasn’t clear in the comments I read.  SO if he thinks this kid is worth $100 million OUTSIDE of the posting fee…well, I’d like to see what he does during a season here before I make that assessment. 

Modified to add that the more I look at that number, the more I believe Boras is going to price himself out of this deal unless he actually ASKS his client what HE thinks.  No way is this kid worth that kind of money right now.

So all he did tonight was make Red Sox haters say "See, the Sox aren’t offering this kid what he’s worth" and Boras haters say "this guy isn’t negotiating in good faith".

Man, I can’t wait for this week to be over so this drama can end.

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